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How to create purchase orders in the CMMS?

Yuman CMMS allows you to create your purchase orders including the list of items to be replenished in order to send them by email to your usual supplier.

To create contact sheets for your suppliers, go to Purchasing / Inventory > Suppliers and complete the contact information.

You can create a purchase order:

- from the tab of the same name

- directly from the supplier page

- from an accepted quote

Once you have listed all the items to be restocked (using the Supply Tracking and Filters tab on the Stocks page in particular), you can click on the "Order" button.

The purchase order can then be sent by email to the supplier, with the tracking of the email sent: status sent, delivered, opened by the recipient.

The quantity in stock is then updated with the ordered quantity displayed in brackets. As soon as you have validated the reception of the order, the ordered quantity will join the real stock.

Finally, go to Settings > Preferences to choose whether or not to display purchase prices and set the default text to accompany purchase order emails.

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