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how can CMMS software benefit the mining industry

how can CMMS software benefit the mining industry

Wednesday 14 july 2021

Mining is a large industry sector that has come a long way over the last 100 years, companies in the sector sector are represented by four types of mining operations: surface, underground, dredge and artisanal, which all require different infrastructures, assets and operations.Worldwide mining operations are becoming less productive today,so to remain competitive in the industry being productive is a must.With companies relying on very expensive  heavy equipment and machinery, with complex and interconnected operations, standards and procedures to follow , as well as rigorous safety measures,companies must capitalize on a system that can manage all of that simultaneously to ensure operations running efficiently and safer working environments as any sudden breakdown of equipment can cause huge loss to the business.

A cmms solution can benefit mining companies by increasing productivity,lowering production costs, safe proactive inspections and all in all increased efficiency.this modern solution can track orders, help with assets management, generate accurate and actionable reports and determine when and which asset requires preventive maintenance or repairs. 

6 ways a CMMS Software brings benefit to the Mining Industry

  1. Digitize Multiple Site Management: companies in the mining sector often have multiple sites and fields that need to be managed at the same time. a paper-based system cannot do it efficiently or even reasonably. it's impossible to handle a pile of papers in order to manage all the machines,safety records and track the maintenance.A CMMS solution modernises the whole process; this software enables a user to manage their multiple sites from a remote can give access do details on every machine you own and even updates on scheduled maintenance,modern solution even come with mobile applications that give you access on the go with or without internet coverage.
  2. efficient decision-making : a cmms solution will help you to keep all of your equipments details, information about suppliers or vendors, efficiency levels, capacity, warranty details, operation manuals, notes, image, and brings all the informations needed in one place as it can track various operations and includes all updates, so it can give you access to the recent update of maintenance required to make a prompt decision.
  3. compliance with industry and regulatory safety standards:The mining industry is strictly regulated by safety standards considering the risks associated with its operations. a cmms solution can track all safety standards codes and procedures ,It even notifies managers when inspections must be conducted. So managers can feel confident that all equipment will be maintained and meet industry standards.
  4. Better equipements management: the machinery used in this sector is quite expensive and complicated and any small breakdown can result in a serious production issue for the mining company,a maintenance solution such as a cmms can reduce the downtime of your equipments and even prolong its life by scheduling regular preventive maintenance, so that in this way you can catch and correct any minor issue before its effect become too big to handle.
  5. Better inventory management for spare parts : when set up ,a  CMMS  can give you access to an audit of your whole operations companies that includes all inventory stock and even spare parts for your equipment.In doing so, a spare part will always be available when needed, it also prevents unnecessarily stockpiling costly items.
  6. Improved efficiency and productivity:A big feature of CMMS is its ability to generate a wide range of reports,and by analyzing these reports managers can track  the productivity of various operation locations, and determine the efficiency of each equipment, the operators as well as overall productivity. This information can be quite valuable to assessing labor efficiency and to upgrade equipment or even operators’s training.



Running a mine site is no easy task, especially in today’s competitive climate. Due to the nature of their business, mining companies have expensive and complex machines to maintain.having a modern maintenance system can bring efficiency by creating preventive maintenance tasks,assigning them to the right team members and giving you access to real-time actionable data to be more effective

Yuman can help mining operations to keep moving forward. Our modern solution can be customized to meet your unique needs and assist you in increasing productivity,maintaining sector safety standards and achieving a better return on investment.

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