An intervention management software or a CMMS?

Both of them! The offer is modular. Yuman thus combines the simplicity of intervention management with all the advantages of computer-aided maintenance management (read our article on the CMMS solution).

Yuman favours a highly collaborative approach between all stakeholders. The application facilitates the planning and assignment of missions to technicians, their follow-up, the collection of information from the field, and communication with customers. It shortens travel times and response times, and optimizes the execution of curative and preventive actions on site. And much more.

The result: productivity gains and improvements in service quality.

Yuman comes in 2 versions. With the PRO+ version you :

• Manage the planning of your interventions
• Share the schedule in real-time with your technicians
• Follow the progress of missions in real time
• Optimize the technician's route
• Collect photos and signatures from the field
• Personalize your intervention orders
• List installed equipment, materials and spare parts
• Enrich the digital equipment service logbook
• Invoice the intervention directly
• Manage your article database
• Generate your quotes and sales orders
• Inform your customers by email & SMS
• Import your data in one click
• Facilitate your decision making with KPIs

And, in addition, with the Advanced version, with the CMMS features available you :

• Organize your preventive maintenance plans
• Optimize the execution schedule
• Import your maintenance ranges
• Instantly generate preventive interventions
• Manage financial information and data for customer contracts
• Automate contracts, invoices and quotes

It is possible to switch from one mode of use to a more complete one very easily, according to your needs. Activation of the Advanced module is instantaneous and you will find all your data. Numerous software customization options are also available for optimal management of your maintenance interventions. Prices are always adapted to the modules and services provided.

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