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Latest News
🔧 A new maintenance page
📝 More complete preventive reports
💲 More options on quotes
and soon ... a new design for the mobile ✨

Monday 22 june 2020

Latest News
✨ Yuman gets a new design,
📅 A monthly view on the calendar,
🛠️ A new module Stocks and Purchasing,
📊 Clear and precise KPIs!

Wednesday 13 may 2020

Clients & Sites

Adding contacts

To register the contact people of your different clients, just add them (Properties > Contacts).

By default, you can add the last name, first name, phone and email address and link its information with the client entity concerned.

However you can also add custom fields to complete the available information.

Thus, you have an up-to-date directory, directly accessible from Yuman.