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Wednesday 31 july 2019
Appvizer awards Yuman the "Premium Software" badge
Appvizer awards Yuman the "Premium Software" badge

Appvizer, Europe's leading software recommendation platform, has selected our application Yuman as one of the best CMMS [Computerized Maintenance Management Software] by awarding it the Premium Software badge. The solution that supports all the operations of a...

Wednesday 31 july 2019

Latest news
📚 Library of models of quotes and lines templates: everything you need to create your quotes in the blink of an eye
🔩 The maintenance tasks lists get a new page with a powerful search tool 🔎
🚦 The maintenance plans have taken colors: black, yellow, blue, green, orange, instantly visualize the progress of preventive actions and check that everything is done according to the provisional schedule 📅
💾 And for the nostalgic, all the data are now exportable to Excel
The team takes a few days of deserved holidays, ⛱️ but as the developers have made good progress before leaving, there will be some news starting from August 25th!

Wednesday 24 july 2019
Digitalization and automation: some very good news for employment!
Digitalization and automation: some very good news for employment!

In the era of the digitalization of our society, it is clear to everyone that many economic sectors are in deep transition. The objective is to take advantage of the power of new technologies to improve entities’ efficiency and productivity. Companies are...

Friday 12 july 2019
A mobile CMMS, or nothing !
A mobile CMMS, or nothing !

Key-need when implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System [CMMS], mobility is for companies the main lever which will insure them a huge progress in productivity.

Relying on state-of-the-art technologies, the latest generation...

Tuesday 25 june 2019

Latest news
🛠️ Possibility of associating one or more equipment with the curative work order
📖 Attaching instructions, operating procedures, etc. to equipment
⚙️ New and even easier preferences page
😃 And … great customer reviews about Yuman! Join them!

Wednesday 05 june 2019
The benefits of a successful preventive maintenance
The benefits of a successful preventive maintenance

Property maintenance and industrial maintenance technicians divide their time between two types of interventions: curative and preventive. Preventive maintenance cannot be limited to maintenance based on regulatory requirements and must be considered a full-blown...

Tuesday 04 june 2019

Latest news
📲 Notify your customers by SMS
📝 Customize as you wish your clients, sites, equipment, contacts
🔔 Get instant notifications from your technicians and customers
📎 Attach documents to a piece of equipment
📂 Manage perfectly the trustees, collective ownership, occupants
🗓️ Indicate leaves and absences in the schedule
🇪🇸 And now ... Yuman in Spanish too!

Tuesday 07 may 2019
The Yuman maintenance glossary
The Yuman maintenance glossary

Each profession has its own specific lexicographical field and the maintenance service sector is no exception. As an expert in the field, Yuman offers you a short vocabulary reminder here.

Identify the different categories of...

Monday 29 april 2019

Latest news
Calendar 🗓 with or without weekend extension
Traceability of email sending for quotes and invoices ✉️
New login box 🔐
Automatic numbering for customers and sites 🏢

Wednesday 24 april 2019
Respond to growing customer expectations with Yuman
Respond to growing customer expectations with Yuman

The level of customer expectation is becoming higher and is today one of the strongest trends in the world of maintenance and services. The new requirements now make it necessary to provide high-quality services and to associate them with continuous communication...

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Understanding Computer Assisted Maintenance Management

Monday 11 march 2019

Understanding Computer Assisted Maintenance Management
The idea of ​​the CMMS was born in the 1980s, the first goal was to optimize the working time of the teams by grouping the data in one and the same software. For maintenance providers, this means the computerization of the intervention vouchers, with the possibility of printing them if necessary and the planning of interventions according to the availability of the employees. This has resulted in reduced costs and increased productivity in service delivery companies. The applications were developed by adapting to new technologies: mobile versions, geolocation and storage on the cloud. These are all features which are integrated into CMMS.

What does CMMS mean?

Computerized refers to the fact that with a CMMS, your maintenance data is stored on a computer. Maintenance then is, what users of the software do every day, whether it’s responding to an on-demand work order like performing an inspection. Managing maintenance is an essential role of a CMMS solution. Maintenance management software is designed to give the users immediate insight into the state of their maintenance needs. Systems can be thought of as the overall combination of features and capabilities within a CMMS, therefore different solutions are offered by different types of systems.

Some of the common features of the CMMS are:
Equipment management
Maintenance management
Cost management
Management of intervention requests
Inventory management
Personnel management

At present, the CMMS integrates not only interventions of any type (curative, preventive, predictive ...), but also the availability of staff and equipment required to make the intervention. It allows the definition of more efficient frameworks, thanks to the exchange of data without errors or loss of information. It avoids the use of paper and re-entries of intervention vouchers. The CMMS is today a fundamental tool for any company that wants to be one step ahead of its competitors, who have not yet adopted the new technologies, as the aim is to assist maintenance services daily in their functions which are aligned with technology.

The advantages

Work order management, means keeping in a single database all the maintenance work as well as the receipts, for example the status of the intervention, delay, time spent, etc. Machine lifespan is also essential because the function is to keep equipment in their most optimal way, that way there is a safe environment for everyone.

Mobile management of maintenance, it is very important to understand that technicians need to have access to their work anytime and anywhere, meaning that having all information available regarding transport, and scheduled interventions in the field is a must in their everyday work. Organizing the tasks in a computerized way allows better responsiveness and this leads to an increase in customer satisfaction. It is therefore essential for companies in the sector to use a CMMS that manages perfectly mobility.

In this sector, the emergence of mobility has indeed constituted a major disruption and CMMSs are now classified into two categories: old-generation software that continues to face difficulties in taking mobility into account and new-generation ones that, like Yuman, have placed smartphone mobility at the heart of their solution and made it the key advantage for the digital transformation of maintenance companies. Yuman offers smartphone access to technicians, who can fill in the complete information, access to the equipment history, order spare parts, record the necessary information to prepare invoices etc.

Mobile technology increases, of course, the ability to communicate, resolve and close incidents, but it can do a lot more. With Yuman it is not only the technicians who use mobility: managers also benefit from it and follow the operations directly from their mobile. Organizations that embrace a CMMS like Yuman and turn to mobile digital speed up their turnaround time, reduce costs, deliver a superior customer experience, and unlock potential growth in business.

Analyzing, which also involves monitoring, (as an example KPIs analyze the desired performance to achieve a goal)  allows seeing the progress made historically and achieve goals providing quality in each task performance.

Yuman was conceived and thought of as a latest-generation CMMS software. The software facilitates exchanges between technicians and managers through a centralized data exchange. The data is stored in the cloud, which avoids the risk of information loss and makes them available at any time. This is a considerable advantage for all people involved: customers, technicians and last but not least the managers. It also enables service providers to provide better service to their customers based on their responsiveness. The appointments are planned and the movements of the technicians are being optimized due to the cartography.

Improving customer satisfaction

This is a reality: the end customer and the technician in the field have both moved into the digital age. Customers, therefore, demand faster administrative processing and better quality. This requires a greater need for communication. Customers of maintenance providers must follow and understand the main steps of the intervention cycle (before, during and after). The presence of “start” and “stop” buttons on our Yuman CMMS allows you to obtain this information in real time and to transmit it to the customer.

As its name suggests, Yuman is a CMMS that puts people first by giving them a detailed view of the day's agenda and reducing administrative burden. As a B2B enterprise, we believe that we can improve the lives of service providers in an efficient and profitable manner. We invite you to try our CMMS, with a free trial so that you can see how the software can match your needs.

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