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The team took part in IT projects in more than 300 companies, including several international groups:

About us

Our vision is to provide technical teams with a new way to work, collaborate and organize by creating an easy-to-use maintenance and intervention management application that managers and technicians love.

Yuman reinvents what an intervention and maintenance management application should be with the ambition of creating the best tool available on the CMMS market[Computerized Maintenance Management System].

Yuman allows managers to communicate instantly with technicians in the field and technical teams to better deal with urgent problems, solve complex cases, collect information and share it directly. Our platform integrates predictive, preventive and curative tools to fully deliver the value promised by the digitalization of maintenance operations. We constantly ensure that our solution is practical, intuitive and efficient for our users.

Legal mentions

Yuman designs, develops and maintains software solutions for intervention management and maintenance management. These solutions are distributed in SaaS (Software as a Service) mode. Publisher: Fourquarks SPRL, Kantersteen 12, 1000 Brussels, Belgium - VAT BE 0719961516 - management: Mr. Pascal Fievet

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