Put an end to long supply delays



Yuman will manage your stocks, your warehouse, optimise your storage capacities, add value to your inventory, reduce the lead times for your spare parts, products and articles, and streamline your supplier order workflows.



The result for the company or maintenance department: time savings, efficiency gains, cost reduction and improved customer service quality.


👉 Stocks, spare parts and purchasing

 Overview of system features :


  • Spare parts inventory management
  • Stock valuation
  • Threshold management
  • Anticipation of stock shortages
  • Supplier Management
  • Purchasing Management
  • Automated replenishment orders
  • Approval workflows
  • Receiving and checking deliveries of materials and products
  • Receipt and control of orders and supplier invoices
  • Recording goods movements


Stock management - maintenance stock management software - CMMS

👉 Multi-warehouse management

 The software offers several options for managing the warehouse(s):


  • Several possibilities of multi-warehouse strategy
  • Multi-client inventory management
  • Multi-site inventory management
  • Multi-technician inventory management
  • Management of stock movements from a PC or from the mobile application
  • Separate valuation and inventory of each warehouse
  • Scanning of articles and consumables via QRcode
  • Movement log


 Maintenance stock management - stock management software - Stock movement between warehouses



Insufficient stock coverage or uncontrolled supply lead times result in lower availability of assets with the consequences of interrupting production, increasing maintenance costs and reducing the quality of service provided to customers by the maintenance company.



Yuman's CMMS software will enable you to store bills of material (BOMs) for parts that are essential to your activity, automatically controlling the limit thresholds that you will have set in advance. The application also simplifies product resupplying workflows, which will reduce the time spent on administrative tasks and shorten spare parts availability times.


👉 On the go

From his mobile phone, the technician has access to the spare parts catalogue, the company's stocks level, and, if necessary, the stocks level of his vehicle or of the intervention site. He can also directly make a request for the supply of the part to be replaced and thus initiate in real time the orders of articles with the purchasing department.



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Available in web version on Mac and PC, smartphone and Android tablet and iOS, Yuman is currently the best software dedicated to industrial and real estate maintenance and after-sales service companies. Book a 30' demo in videoconference to discover it by yourself.