More interventions for the same working time



Dedicated to real estate and industrial maintenance and after-sales services, Yuman facilitates technicians' missions, offers team leaders a powerful management tool, considerably reduces administrative tasks, improves customer satisfaction and strengthens your company's competitiveness.


👉 Missions made easier



CMMS mobile intervention management software / on the move



The maintenance teams no longer need paper for their interventions, everything is digitized. In the field, on the move, each technician has a powerful optimization, planning and organization software with his mobile application, constantly updated, which will allow him to save a considerable amount of time during his working day. He has access to his schedule of curative, preventive or installation interventions. He receives notifications of new missions in real time. From its application, it has access to all the data necessary for the smooth running of its mission, such as :  


  • Type of intervention
  • Expected time
  • Travel time between each site
  • Waze or Google Maps route to the next site
  • Customer information (customizable)
  • Level of service
  • Equipment concerned
  • Detailed description of the tasks to be carried out
  • Notices, plans, operating procedures
  • List of required spare parts
  • Inventory status
  • Quotation (encrypted or unencrypted)
  • Co-intervener if applicable

By simply pressing START on his mobile phone, the technician informs the dispatcher or his manager of the start of the intervention. As soon as the intervention is over, a press on STOP marks the end of the mission. Entering the intervention report, taking photos, customer signature, list of parts and equipment used: everything is immediately accessible to all those involved. The mobile field version has been designed to be particularly easy to use.


The software offers an off-line disconnected version as standard. Very light, it consumes very little energy and internet bandwidth. An entry-level smartphone or tablet, as well as a low-cost subscription, ensures perfect operation.


👉 Offers a powerful management tool


Through essential functions, the manager will stay in contact with these technicians throughout the day. He is notified in real time of the start and end of the intervention, of the needs in spare parts, of the requests for quotations. The solution also keeps its customers informed of the progress of interventions. Several automatic communication channels are available: email, SMS and customer portal with private access. The solution provides each actor with all the information he needs.



Follow-up of YUMAN mobile CMMS interventions


From the list of interventions, the cartography, scheduling or even the dashboards, dispatchers, managers, maintenance managers can optimize the planning of the rounds and follow, throughout the day, the activity of their technical team or their service. The color coding to code the status of interventions is :


  • Red: intervention recorded, not yet assigned
  • Yellow: planned intervention
  • Blue: intervention in progress, intervening on site in front of the equipment
  • Green: intervention completed


Response Management


Powerful indicators are provided to monitor the progress of the day and allow the optimization of tours. KPIs are also available to know the performance of the whole service. They can be accessed at any time for a specific period, a team, a customer, an intervener, etc.

Intervention management - statistics

Intervention management - statistics



KPIs are dedicated to intervention management and maintenance. Yuman offers numerous maintenance performance indicators as standard, including :


  • Time between breakdowns: the average time between two breakdowns on a piece of equipment.
  • Preventive coverage: the rate of preventive interventions carried out vs. those provided for in the contracts
  • Preventive/curative ratio: the number of preventive vs. curative interventions carried out: this is one of the essential data for measuring maintenance activity.
  • Total time to repair: the total time between the moment the equipment breaks down and the moment it is put back into operation.
  • Response time: the time between the occurrence of the problem and the time the BI is issued
  • Response time: the time between the moment the BI is issued and the start of the response.
  • Total time of arrival in front of the equipment: the time between the moment the equipment breaks down and the time of arrival at the equipment.
  • Travel time: the time between the departure of the technician and the arrival at the site of intervention
  • Diagnostic delay: the time between the arrival of the service technician and the time the cause of the problem is discovered.
  • On-Site Repair Time: The time from the time the service technician begins the repair until the system is operational again.
  • Inventory replenishment time: the average time between the issue of an order and the receipt of materials
  • Delivery time for a single part: if a part is ordered for a specific repair, the time between the time the order is placed and the time the technician starts working on the repair of the problem.


👉 Reduces administrative tasks


The invoicing module for contracts, interventions and estimates has been particularly studied. Perfectly integrated into the operations, it provides all the functionalities that allow for a considerable reduction in invoice preparation and issue times. Find out more about our back-office solutions by clicking on “how Yuman speeds up invoicing?”



Inventory and supply management increases the availability of materials, reduces order processing times and speeds up delivery times. Read also “How to shorten lead times?”



👉 Improve customer satisfaction


Yuman, offers many more functionalities than simple intervention management or ticket management software. Yuman is a complete CMMS, designed to enable companies and maintenance departments to strengthen collaboration between office and field teams and to facilitate communication with customers. Through the web portal module you manage their access: creation of tickets, inventory and sharing of site and equipment assets, workflow of quotes and invoices, etc., you define which information you wish to share with your customers.


The result: more differentiation, competitiveness and growth for your company.


Available in web version on Mac and PC, smartphone and Android tablet and iOS, Yuman is currently the best software dedicated to industrial and real estate maintenance and after-sales service companies. Book a 30' video conference demo to discover it for yourself.