Enter the world of preventive maintenance



There are 2 main categories of maintenance: curative maintenance, troubleshooting, and preventive maintenance, upkeep. Yuman helps you in both of these areas by adding a complete module to the curative maintenance management functions that will help you to organise all your planned preventive maintenance operations and work simply and without headaches.


 👉 The widest functional coverage on the market

Yuman Computerized Maintenance Management Software (CMMS) - List of features



Yuman manages the assets of your company or your customers, manages your teams, and organises your maintenance operations, guaranteeing productivity gains, competitiveness and improved quality of service.



With Yuman CMMS you will :


  • List and describe your equipment fleet
  • Follow the life cycle of each piece of equipment
  • Catalog your services via the maintenance range libraries
  • Manage preventive maintenance plans
  • Know the load/capacity of your technical teams
  • Generate, plan, assign tasks to technicians
  • Follow in real time the good execution
  • Construct the digital maintenance logbook for the facilities
  • Benefit from indicators to measure your company's performance



All this information is recorded, stored and centralized on the application in the cloud. You have a complete view of your business that you can access from a PC, tablet or mobile device.


👉 The equipment pool

Maintenance management software - Equipment fleet - Installation sheet



Each piece of equipment is described by a data sheet, which can be customized if necessary. This description includes references, brand, model, main and detailed characteristics, parts and components, associated documentation, photos, digital maintenance booklet, etc. Photos of equipment taken on site by a technician via a smartphone are instantly accessible by the manager via the private cloud. Yuman's tree structure enables equipment to be linked to a site, building or other equipment, thus ensuring the management of complex facilities when necessary.



Equipment photo library tool - Maintenance management software - Yuman CMMS



A photo library attached to each piece of equipment is automatically built up according to the photos taken during interventions from the mobile phone. It can contain an unlimited number of photos or videos to follow the life cycle of the equipment.


👉 Maintenance ranges

Maintenance ranges function - Yuman Management Software



Yuman, holds your catalogue of maintenance ranges and services that you can add to at any time. These maintenance ranges will guide you in building, viewing and updating maintenance plans. We offer you standard libraries by technical batch that you can use directly or be inspired by if necessary.

👉 Preventive maintenance plans

CMMS preventive maintenance plan function - Essential management tool



Scheduling preventive maintenance without the help of CMMS software can be a major challenge. The maintenance software allows you to set up maintenance plans: each plan details the technical equipment concerned, the maintenance operations with details of the associated technical tasks, the frequency of these operations and the expected time to complete each task.


👉 Triggering tasks

Yuman Mobile CMMS - Planning and Intervention - Team Management



Whenever you wish, for the period you have selected and according to the criteria you have defined, Yuman will generate, plan and assign the tasks to be performed. After validation by a manager, the participants are alerted of the new tasks assigned to them. Customers can also be notified of the scheduled dates of the passages.



Yuman is going to enable you to steer the interventions in the right direction. In real time and from a distance you can observe the progress of the work. Late alerts can be triggered if desired. No more forgetting! The time spent on these operations is cumulated and compared to the forecast times. If desired, customers can be notified of the progress and completion of the work. You will receive all the relevant data instantaneously: reports, photos, parts used, etc. Key indicators are at your disposal to guarantee the smooth running of operations in real time and thus customer satisfaction.


👉 Performance indicators

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Yuman CMMS Solution - Business Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Yuman CMMS Solution - Business Analysis

Key Performance Indicators (KPI) - Yuman CMMS Solution - Business Analysis



Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) are key to ensuring quality maintenance. With Yuman, you get them instantly, without any preparative work, as soon as the first interventions are done by your technicians on their mobile phone. These KPIs enable you to analyse your activity in details and improve your management by making the best decisions for your organisation. They are displayed globally / by team / by technician / for a period of time, with comparisons between them and trends. Yuman CMMS is able to propose the indicators below:


  • Number of interventions
  • Total time in intervention
  • Preventive maintenance coverage
  • Preventive / curative ratio
  • Time on the road
  • Mean Time Between Failures or MTBF
  • Total Time To Repair or MTTR for Mean Time To Recovery
  • Mean Time To Failure or MTTF for Mean Time To Failure
  • Time limit for issuing the maintenance order
  • Execution time of the maintenance order
  • Total time of arrival in front of the equipment
  • Travelling time
  • Diagnostic delay
  • Repair time "on site"
  • Inventory replenishment time
  • Delivery time for a single piece