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The optimized management of the intervention schedule is essential for the efficient organization of activities and the satisfaction of the customers of maintenance companies .




You can immediately view all the planning data in the application. You know who is available and can assign a task with a simple drag and drop. The duration of the service rendered to the customer is automatically applied according to the nature of the intervention while being easily editable. Yuman thus offers a shared schedule that can be viewed on a daily or weekly basis, accessible both from a desktop computer and on the move using a tablet or a smartphone.



Intervention planning - Intervention management software




As soon as a new intervention is created, whether it is curative, preventive or installation, the travel time from the previous site is automatically calculated taking into account the distance and the traffic conditions. A considerable time saving for the technician and which allows the optimization of the rounds during the preparation of the schedules. 


Information is shared and updated in real time on the application ensuring fast, optimal and quality planning. Thanks to the mobile version of the application and the association of planning with cartography, technical teams and their managers remain permanently connected from the office and the field.




Mapping of customer interventions - planning software




You know where your technicians are in the field and when they will arrive on site. Live monitoring of the progress of the teams' work will also allow the manager to easily plan new missions. 


Throughout the day, you will follow the progress of the interventions to be handled: what has been done and what remains to be done. You avoid traffic jams and reduce the time spent by your technicians on the road: traffic conditions are available both on the map in the office and on the GPS of the technician's mobile phone. 




Workorder Planification Optimization - CMMS

Optimization of intervention planning through data visualization




The centralisation of data and the restitution of maintenance indicators in real time, allows the manager to have an overview of the state of his activities, the planning of his technicians and the progress of the missions: the interventions carried out, in progress and those still to be treated. He has direct access to all the data that will allow him to make the most appropriate decisions. 



This visualization will also allow him, in the event of an emergency situation, such as a critical breakdown at one of his customers, to immediately reschedule the technician of the team most able to respond quickly according to his skills, his availability and his current position.



With the mobile application, the technician has in his hands, throughout his working day, a powerful management and organization tool, constantly updated, which allows him to save considerable time on his rounds. He has permanent access to all the information and functionalities necessary to carry out the intervention, such as the button to launch the Waze route to the next site. Thanks to the software, the technician optimizes his work and can offer the company's customers a real quality service. To find out more, find out how Yuman facilitates technicians' missions?



In the end, you increase your differentiation, competitiveness and growth for your company.


Available in web version on Mac and PC, smartphone and Android tablet and iOS, Yuman is currently the best software dedicated to industrial and real estate maintenance and after-sales service companies. Book a 30' video conference demo to discover it for yourself.