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Friday 14 february 2020
Industrial Internet of Things
Industrial Internet of Things

The IoT for the Internet of Things is becoming a reality in the world around us. But are you familiar with IoT, the Industrial Internet of Things?


More and more of us are now benefiting in our daily lives from the...

Monday 10 february 2020

Latest news
📷 New gallery for photos taken during the intervention
🙆 Manage user rights and permissions
✍️ Personalize more the emails accompanying the work orders, quotes & invoices
💲 Manage your cost allocations

Sunday 09 february 2020
CMMS as a growth driver
CMMS as a growth driver

If you want to save time, free up resources, standardize procedures in your company, be able to manage a growing flow of critical information, deadlines, security standards, regulations, don't wait any longer... adopt a new...

Thursday 06 february 2020
When a Field Service Management becomes essential
When a Field Service Management becomes essential

In a traditional workplace, such as an office, administration, hospital, etc., managers oversee teams and are able to directly ensure that everything works properly. When a problem occurs, these same managers are able to react quickly, to find, offer and...

Thursday 06 february 2020
What about CMMS speaking articles on the web?
What about CMMS speaking articles on the web?

We have made an overview of CMMS speaking articles that can be found on the web. We will see that the trend is... not very trendy.


Not content to be boring, a large majority of articles are giving pride of place to dinosaur...

Thursday 23 january 2020

Latest news
🗺️ Geolocate your technicians
🗓️ Connect Yuman to your Google calendar
📝 Create your quotes in mobility
👥 Differentiate your prospects and customers

Friday 15 november 2019

Latest news
📝 Digitize your CERFA forms on mobile
🛠️ Manage minimum stock levels
👨‍🔧 Manage user access more easily
📱 Scan barcodes & QR codes from Yuman
💲Automatically calculate quote margins

Friday 20 september 2019
Why should you buy your CMMS online?
Why should you buy your CMMS online?

According to a study by eMarketer, the turnover of global e-commerce will exceed 5 trillion dollars by 2021. This complete change in the way we buy goods or services can be observed in both B2C and B2B purchases by individuals and businesses.

Wednesday 31 july 2019
Appvizer awards Yuman the "Premium Software" badge
Appvizer awards Yuman the "Premium Software" badge

Appvizer, Europe's leading software recommendation platform, has selected our application Yuman as one of the best CMMS [Computerized Maintenance Management Software] by awarding it the Premium...

Wednesday 31 july 2019

Latest news
📚 Library of models of quotes and lines templates: everything you need to create your quotes in the blink of an eye
🔩 The maintenance tasks lists get a new page with a powerful search tool 🔎
🚦 The maintenance plans have taken colors: black, yellow, blue, green, orange, instantly visualize the progress of preventive actions and check that everything is done according to the provisional schedule 📅
💾 And for the nostalgic, all the data are now exportable to Excel
The team takes a few days of deserved holidays, ⛱️ but as the developers have made good progress before leaving, there will be some news starting from August 25th!

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Per month & per user For small teams

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Per month & per user Intervention management

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Per month & per user The complete CMMS

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For small teams
  • The whole PRO+ version, but ...
  • Limited to 3 users
  • No quotes
  • No equipment base


Intervention management
  • Plan your interventions
  • Share the schedule in real time
  • Follow the progress of the missions on the map
  • Optimize your journeys, avoid traffic
  • Collect photos and signatures on the field
  • Customize your interventions
  • On-site or off-site billing
  • Manage your article database
  • Generate your quotes and orders
  • Inform your clients by email & SMS
  • Import your data with one click
  • Ease your decision-making through KPIs
  • And ... numerous personalization options


The complete CMMS
  • All the richness of the PRO+ version, and ...
  • Organize your preventive maintenance plans
  • Optimize the execution schedule
  • Import your maintenance packages
  • Instantly generate interventions
  • Manage contract financial data
  • Automate contractual invoices
  • List the installed equipment
  • Enrich the digital maintenance log of the equipment
Yuman can also be customized for you by our specialized development team