KPI maintenance : follow the progress of the day

Yuman CMMS automatically calculates performance indicators (KPIs). Ideal for optimizing maintenance management within your company but also for analyzing the performance of your technicians.

The KPIs are accessible from the "Dashboard" icon at the top right of the screen. The "By day" view allows you to follow the progress of the day. The second tab allows you to access more advanced indicators.

Among the data accessible on the CMMS, you will find the number of planned interventions, detailing whether they are curative maintenance, preventive maintenance or installations, but also the number of overdue interventions: these are tasks that have been planned but not carried out, as well as the number of interventions to be invoiced.

As the day progresses, the indicators are updated, in particular the status of the interventions (open, planned, in progress, done).

On the list of the day's interventions, the "eye" icon gives access to the intervention voucher, which includes customer data, the equipment concerned, and the technician's visiting hours. It can of course be modified.

The KPIs therefore allow you to keep a daily eye on the smooth running of the activity.




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