First steps

How do I add new users to the CMMS?

Before planning interventions and assigning them to field technicians, you must add your team members to the CMMS.

To invite a new user, go to Users > Active Accounts.

You can then create the user, choose his role (manager, technician, guest) and set the password.

You can change the rights and permissions of each user in Users > Permissions.

Once their account is created, users can start using the application directly by logging in from their computer, smartphone, or tablet.

There are 4 account categories:

• Administrators: they have access to all settings, can choose customization options, manage teams and interventions.

• Managers: they manage and assign preventive and curative maintenance interventions, planning, invoicing, quotes, maintenance contracts, purchases and stocks. They cannot modify account settings.

• Technicians: they have access to their schedule and the interventions assigned to them.
Tip: Assign different colors to each team member to make it easier to plan your maintenance operations.

• Guest user accounts: this profile allows the CMMS user company to offer secure access to its customers, allowing them to track the status of each intervention and view their invoices, maintenance contracts and quotes.

This portal also allows your customers to make intervention requests directly from the CMMS. Please note that customers have restricted access to the software, and can only consult the data that concerns them. It is the account administrator who defines the functionalities accessible or not for each invited customer.

CMMS user profile

Do you want to change or add new information to a user's profile? Use the "Edit" button and edit phone numbers, emails, addresses. It is also from this page that you will be able to add the technicians' absences and holidays, which will appear on the schedule.

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