Filling out a form during an intervention

Yuman CMMS allows you to create forms, certificates, customised questionnaires, but also to access the regulatory forms pre-recorded in the software, specific to your company.

This functionality is accessible from the software's settings, "Forms" tab. When creating a visit to a customer, the manager user selects the appropriate form.

Another possibility, the technician adds the form to the intervention directly from his mobile application. To do so, he must select the form in the list of templates and press the + button to validate the addition.

He can then complete the fields and data required by the regulatory, administrative and personalized forms.

If it is a form that must be sent each time the customer visits and if it has already been completed on the software, the technician can duplicate the content of the form and update only the necessary data, without having to enter all the information.

Once the information has been entered, the customer can validate and sign, if necessary, the digital form is then added to the work order, in the form of a PDF document. It can then be sent by email to the customer or to the administration and kept for archive.

The forms are accessible from the "Client" and "Site" pages of the software.

For an optimized management, you can also find the list of completed forms in the tab Work Orders > List of Forms. You can then easily consult them, download them or access the intervention form concerned.

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