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Wednesday 31 july 2019
Appvizer awards Yuman the "Premium Software" badge
Appvizer awards Yuman the "Premium Software" badge

Appvizer, Europe's leading software recommendation platform, has selected our application Yuman as one of the best CMMS [Computerized Maintenance Management Software] by awarding it the Premium Software badge. The solution that supports all the operations of a...

Wednesday 31 july 2019

Latest news
📚 Library of models of quotes and lines templates: everything you need to create your quotes in the blink of an eye
🔩 The maintenance tasks lists get a new page with a powerful search tool 🔎
🚦 The maintenance plans have taken colors: black, yellow, blue, green, orange, instantly visualize the progress of preventive actions and check that everything is done according to the provisional schedule 📅
💾 And for the nostalgic, all the data are now exportable to Excel
The team takes a few days of deserved holidays, ⛱️ but as the developers have made good progress before leaving, there will be some news starting from August 25th!

Wednesday 24 july 2019
Digitalization and automation: some very good news for employment!
Digitalization and automation: some very good news for employment!

In the era of the digitalization of our society, it is clear to everyone that many economic sectors are in deep transition. The objective is to take advantage of the power of new technologies to improve entities’ efficiency and productivity. Companies are...

Friday 12 july 2019
A mobile CMMS, or nothing !
A mobile CMMS, or nothing !

Key-need when implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System [CMMS], mobility is for companies the main lever which will insure them a huge progress in productivity.

Relying on state-of-the-art technologies, the latest generation...

Tuesday 25 june 2019

Latest news
🛠️ Possibility of associating one or more equipment with the curative work order
📖 Attaching instructions, operating procedures, etc. to equipment
⚙️ New and even easier preferences page
😃 And … great customer reviews about Yuman! Join them!

Wednesday 05 june 2019
The benefits of a successful preventive maintenance
The benefits of a successful preventive maintenance

Property maintenance and industrial maintenance technicians divide their time between two types of interventions: curative and preventive. Preventive maintenance cannot be limited to maintenance based on regulatory requirements and must be considered a full-blown...

Tuesday 04 june 2019

Latest news
📲 Notify your customers by SMS
📝 Customize as you wish your clients, sites, equipment, contacts
🔔 Get instant notifications from your technicians and customers
📎 Attach documents to a piece of equipment
📂 Manage perfectly the trustees, collective ownership, occupants
🗓️ Indicate leaves and absences in the schedule
🇪🇸 And now ... Yuman in Spanish too!

Tuesday 07 may 2019
The Yuman maintenance glossary
The Yuman maintenance glossary

Each profession has its own specific lexicographical field and the maintenance service sector is no exception. As an expert in the field, Yuman offers you a short vocabulary reminder here.

Identify the different categories of...

Monday 29 april 2019

Latest news
Calendar 🗓 with or without weekend extension
Traceability of email sending for quotes and invoices ✉️
New login box 🔐
Automatic numbering for customers and sites 🏢

Wednesday 24 april 2019
Respond to growing customer expectations with Yuman
Respond to growing customer expectations with Yuman

The level of customer expectation is becoming higher and is today one of the strongest trends in the world of maintenance and services. The new requirements now make it necessary to provide high-quality services and to associate them with continuous communication...

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Why it is so important to outsource your CMMS?

Tuesday 02 april 2019

Why it is so important to outsource your CMMS?
Nowadays maintenance providers are facing a lot of challenges, one of the major problems is to succeed in the digital transformation process in a successful way. It is now fully accepted that software, that fits well to the specific needs, drastically improves the general performance of the company. The increasing expectations and the rising complexity of the Field Service are major issues in this branch. Campbell 1 argues that organizations which are active in maintenance management are looking for alternative approaches to get a competitive advantage and outsourcing their CMMS-system could be the perfect way to achieve this advantage.

In-House vs Outsourced CMMS

To have the proper team, whether you have it in-house or you outsource it, is key to make sure that the build solution will deliver the productivity gains and quality of service that your customers expect. But what is outsourcing exactly? Outsourcing is an agreement in which one company hires another company to be responsible for a planned or existing activity that is or could be done internally. Mclovr 2 states that outsourcing is being employed to achieve improvements across the organization. On the other hand, you could also build an in-house CMMS, which is developed by a team that works within the organization.

Outsourcing allows companies to focus more on their internal resources and gives them the possibility to focus on their core business. Campbell 1 shows that making full use of the external environment will lead to better service, lower cost, and a happy customer. DiRomauldo & Gurbaxani 3 are stating that it could significantly increase the delivered service and furthermore the acquisition of new technical skills and management competencies. External CMMS-specialists, such as Yuman, with more experience and knowledge, are better able to keep pace with new cloud technologies. Gómez et al. 4 prove that outsourcing your IT-maintenance system increases the service quality on the field.

The process of capturing and sharing technical repair knowledge in a searchable and adjustable system, linked to the CMMS-software creates another level of assurance. Meaning that all the knowledge will stay on the device as the technician captured the information. Aligned to this, Yuman provides a safe space for all the data to be gathered (stored in the cloud), assuring the involvement of technicians and managers. This, in the end, will lead to data-driven decision making within the company. Total alignment between the customer’s business needs and the outsourcing strategy of the provider is key to success. As the demand of each one of the customers is unique, the outsource provider needs to develop custom solutions that focus on achieving these specific requirements.

At an initial glance, maintaining an in-house software development seems to be just plagued with the monetary issue, but if you delve deeper, you will get to know that the development of an in-house software will lead to a plethora of issues to handle. Sharma 5 highlights three major problems: finding the right team, over expenses and the dependency. Even if you have the means to hire the right people, this process consumes a lot of time and effort. Every company wants the best developers to create their proper CMMS, getting in touch with the right people isn’t that simple. Furthermore, if you’re going for in-house development, you do not only need to recruit the adequate developers you also have to invest in a proper infrastructure to execute the entire process. The third major issue is the dependency on your in-house developers, your complete working process will depend on them. If the developers or one of them leaves or is fraught with some issues the entire development of the in-house CMMS will suffer.

Olive 6 tells that outsourcing your CMMS-system enables budget flexibility. It gives the opportunity to companies to only pay the services they need and only when they need them. It also reduces the need to hire and train specialized staff, bring in engineering expertise from the outside, and reduces capital expense, yielding better control of operating costs. The outsourcing arrangement can change as your maintenance needs change. It can increase the quality of your work and bring in the latest technology to gain a competitive advantage. Another interesting factor is the reduction of risk. When you develop software in your own company you don’t know if it will succeed. Hiring a whole team of developers to create this software is very costly. When you cooperate with an external software house you don’t incur such huge costs.

Hence Yuman focuses on the contact with the client. The continuous process of giving and receiving feedback from the various customers forms the backbone of Yuman. Thanks to its community of users, the application constantly benefits from improvements and the addition of new features to meet the evolving needs of our customers. We work in an open community where the input of our customers is crucial. Contrary, when you develop an in-house solution you won’t be able to receive continuous feedback and ideas from a large base of existing clients.  

The specificity and complexity of Field Service

Gómez et al. 4 are showing that the management of the workers in the field service isn’t easy anymore. The situation tends to be more and more complex due to a larger number of interventions, the geographical spread of the clients and their increasing expectations. Agnihothri et al. 7 argue that resolution delay is a very important measure. This is defined as the time between the request for a service and the final solution delivered by the technician at the customer site. This measure gives an insight into the effectiveness of the company. Yuman is a company which can support this process by providing software which allows field service companies to manage their mobile workforce in a proper way. This CMMS-software, from the latest generation, is the ideal solution to facilitate the daily management process. The application can grant you specific data which lead to useful insights, like overall work volume, the location of jobs, jobs in progress, average delay, the total cost of a repair, and much more KPIs.


By the help of technology, organizations can achieve superior service productivity and customer satisfaction. Going in for in-house development might seem somehow beneficial in the beginning, but when you put things into action, there are more stumbling blocks than you anticipated. Outsourcing your CMMS to a specialist in the sector, like Yuman, will be beneficial to your business in the future. We believe that organizations can move to a new service productivity-customer satisfaction frontier by focusing on creating new service strategies whereby a suitable IT-system will be the key to face this transformation. Yuman offers an application which gives companies the opportunity to deal with these upcoming challenges. Give us the chance to show you by booking a free trial and start your digital transformation today!


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