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3 tools for managing cyber risk analysis

3 tools for managing cyber risk analysis

Wednesday 23 march 2022

Cyber risk analysis is a process that aims to identify the risks inherent to a computer system and to map them according to their level of danger. It is the first step of a risk assessment. Between the information to be collected and studied, doing an analysis can take you a long time. The good news is that there are tools available to make the task easier. What are they? Let's find out in this article.

Agile Risk Board

Agile Risk Board is a software tool designed to drive cyber risk analysis. It facilitates the representation of risks. It is a particularly useful tool for IT security managers.

Know that in terms of risk analysis, despite the fact that the Excel model is predominant, it may happen that you end up with various types of information. Dealing with each of these items in isolation can be time consuming. With Agile Risk Board, you don't have to worry about that.

With Agile Risk Board, you can merge all your risk analysis information into a single database. Thus, with the overview you will have, you will be able to manage your analysis in a more efficient way. In addition, using Agile Risk Board, you can filter, order, group, and sort your information.

After processing comes the visualization phase. Here, two types of representations are possible. These include graphic and tabular representations. Once the representation is done, you will have a clear overview of the different risks. The elaboration of the security policy becomes much easier.

Agile Risk Manager

Agile Risk Manager is also a risk analysis maintenance software. Labeled by the national agency for system security, its mission is to accompany you in the handling of your analysis. By using it, the latter will be done according to the EBIOS RM method. If you know what it is, you will have no trouble using the Argile Risk Manager software

In addition to being easy to use, this tool is customizable. You can modify the basic interface to suit your preferences. For a much faster and more efficient analysis, it is best to use this software in conjunction with Argile Risk Board.

Safety Architect

In contrast to the two software packages presented above, Safety Architect allows you to analyze complex systems using functional or physical architectures by means of modeling tools.

From a functional or physical definition of the system, this software helps to perform a failure mode analysis and it automatically deduces the FTA corresponding to the identified feared events.

With Safety Architect, you have the ability to customize your analysis based on the business domain and to produce reports and metrics. You can even integrate this application into other environments such as MBSE and PLM.

In short, there are many applications that can help you manage cyber risk analysis. Among the most popular are the Argile Risk Board, Argile Risk Manager and Safety Architect.


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