How to create activity reports in the CMMS?

Yuman CMMS helps you record and enter all the interventions carried out at a customer's premises or on a site. This data is then summarized in a PDF activity report that you can send to the customer.

Go to the Properties tab > Clients, choose the client concerned and click on View more > Activity report. You can then create a single or multi-site report, choose the period and the information presented:

  • time spent in intervention,

  • names of stakeholders,

  • preventive / curative ratio in number of interventions,

  • preventive / curative ratio as a function of time spent,

  • first pass resolution rate,

  • preventive maintenance coverage rate

  • You can also attach to the activity report all of the intervention vouchers and forms completed during the chosen period.

    Contact us to activate the creation of activity reports on your Yuman account.