How to add QR Codes to items and parts?

Yuman CMMS allows you to create QR Codes for items, products and spare parts in your catalog or stock.

The QR Code is automatically created by the software when a new item is created. You can then use the filters and choose the articles to be provided with a QR label. Click on Actions > Print and receive the label sheet directly to your mailbox.

Each QR code uniquely identifies the item. The QR Code can then be used by the technician: when adding an item to his intervention, the scan avoids entering the serial number or the item's designation.

Still from the mobile application, the QR Code can also be used when receiving replenishments or during inventory. From the mobile application, simply open the side menu and select Stocks: in the absence of QRcode, the search can be performed on the name of the item. Technicians can consult or edit the stock level: this parameter can be configured from the tab Users > Permissions > Technicians.

The CMMS software also allows you to assign QR Codes to your equipment.

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