In compliance with the GDPR

The GDPR or General Data Protection Reglementation is a European directive, dated from May 2018,25 , and affects all the companies and administrations that collect and process data from European citizens.

Data can be defined as information allowing to identify a person, such as family name, first name, address, sex, nationality, location, telephone number, email address, photo, but also banking and medical information, IP address and data relating to personal interests or behaviour on a website (e. g. data from cookies).

The GDPR places particular emphasis on the following concepts:

- Consent: explicit consent is required for the collection and processing of personal data

- The data use purpose and minimization: the company must clearly state the purpose and the aim of the processing of personal data and must only process the data necessary to achieve that purpose

- Accuracy: the company must keep its data up-to-date

- The right to be forgotten: at any time, a person may request that his or her data must be deleted and no longer processed by the company

Companies using Yuman are considered responsible for processing the data. As such, they must determine the purposes and means of processing their customers' personal data.

Yuman, as a cloud service provider, is a data processor: we process data on behalf of our customers. To do this, we provide them with assistance, advice and alerts when necessary. Our servers, based in Ireland in the territory of the European Union, ensure the highest level of data security.

Through the guaranteed security, the advice provided to our customers, the access, rectification, opposition and deletion procedures put in place and the means of alerting in the event of a leak, we are in compliance with the requirements of the GDPR.