How to filter the work orders?

Yuman CMMS provides you with a number of filters to help you quickly and easily find a maintenance intervention.

From the software, under the "Interventions > List of interventions" tab, you can access some quick filters for open interventions (red status, when a technician has not yet been assigned to the intervention), planned or to be invoiced. You can also sort the data for a specific day or period.

The "More filters" option allows you to refine your search with other data: sort your tasks according to customer, site, equipment, or select the manager or technician responsible for the task.

You will also find the type of intervention: curative maintenance, preventive maintenance or installation and the invoicing status: whether the intervention has been invoiced, whether it is under warranty, under contract, etc.

Finally, if you have lists of options among your custom fields, you can also find them in the filters.

Thus, CMMS filters allow you to find the information you are looking for in just one click and gain efficiency.

gmao filter sort maintenance orders