How to create technical installations?

Yuman CMMS describes the technical installations, machines and equipment for which you perform preventive or curative maintenance operations. All the equipment is attached to a customer or to a site/building, depending on whether you work for external or internal customers (production department for example).

From the CMMS, you can detail an entire installation, adding spare parts or sub-equipment. To do this, go to the "Site" tab of the software, then click on "Add equipment" or directly in the "Equipment" tab, click on Add. To add children's equipment, simply select the parent equipment concerned and click on "Add sub-equipment".

The software also allows you to add custom fields, documents, notices, photos and comments to enrich the quality of the available information. Finally, you have access to the management of preventive maintenance plans and previously scheduled maintenance.

From the mobile CMMS application, technicians can consult all the information about the equipment fleet and the details of operations already carried out, so they can carry out their maintenance operations in a well-informed manner.

If the intervention concerns a spare part or a multiple sub-equipment, present on the equipment several times, the CMMS makes it possible to control and update the number of installed equipment.

In the case of a spare parts replacement, the technician can add the item to the maintenance intervention and integrate it as a sub-equipment of the existing installation, in order to keep a perfectly up-to-date database.