Photo library of equipment and installations

Improve the management and monitoring of your equipment fleet with the complete photo library of interventions, automatically created by the CMMS.

During a preventive or curative maintenance operation, maintenance or installation of equipment, the technician can document his intervention by taking photos directly from the mobile CMMS. All photos are associated with the equipment concerned, with a caption and a date. The number of photos is not limited.

These photos are available on the intervention report sent to the customer, but can also be consulted at any time on the CMMS. To consult all the photos relating to an equipment, go to the Equipment tab of the software then click on View more > Photos. Photos can be filtered by date or period. You can also access the photos from the "Site / building" page.

Thus, as interventions are carried out, CMMS helps you to document your operations and to build a real photo library of installations and equipment.

Optimization of CMMS maintenance operations management - Photo library of works, installations, maintenance and equipment