Export invoices

Yuman simplifies the management of the invoicing of interventions. You can create invoices for interventions or contracts and send them to customers directly from the software. You can then export the invoices to be transferred to your company's accounting software.

In the "invoicing" module, the software offers an export of invoices in Excel / CSV and PDF format, but also a direct export to accounting software such as Winbooks or Sage's software: Bob50, Sage 100, etc.

Invoices are sent by email. Thus, from the software you can enter the email address to which you want to send the file (client, accountant, etc.) as well as its format.

The export is done according to the last filter applied: customer, site, status, date or due date, by period (month, quarter) etc... So if one of your customers wishes to receive all of their annual invoices in a single file, simply define the appropriate filters and export.

Whatever the accounting software used within your company, do not hesitate to contact us, we have without doubt an adapted solution.

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