What is a maintenance plan?

In Yuman, the maintenance plan represents the execution schedule for maintenance tasks lists.

This functionality is essential to optimize preventive maintenance management and easily plan equipment maintenance.

The maintenance plan details at least:

• The technical equipment concerned
• The associated maintenance operations
• Maintenance intervals
• Estimated time to complete this task

Data which it is possible to add :

• Parts that may need to be replaced during maintenance
• Consumables to be added
• The equipment necessary for the intervention
• Associated forms to be completed (regulatory controls)
• The price of the service

It is possible to have several preventive maintenance plans for a multi-site contract.

Go to Maintenance > Global Calendar to see the preventive maintenance of equipment to be carried out over one year. As the actions are validated on the technical team's mobile phones, they turn green on the schedule.

CMMS (Computerized Maintenance Management System) Yuman - Preventive maintenance plan - planning/calendar