What are the maintenance KPIs offered by Yuman?

Yuman's CMMS instantly delivers powerful performance indicators (KPIs) generated from data entered by technicians from their mobile phones and from scheduled interventions, in order to help you optimise the management of the activity within your company.

The KPIs are available from the "Dashboard" tab of the CMMS and allow you to track the progress of the day and obtain global data on the performance of your company. In one click, you can consult data relating to maintenance interventions, whether preventive, curative or installation.

Use the filters to refine your analysis by period, technician, team, manager. Indicators in the form of graphs, calendars or lists will then update automatically, giving you an overview of the performance of your technicians. You can also filter the data by customer and by equipment concerned.

Among the proposed indicators :

• Number of interventions
• Total time in intervention
• Preventive maintenance coverage rate
• Preventive / curative ratio
• Travel time
• Response time
• Total Time To Repair or MTTR for Mean Time To Recovery
• and so on

The KPI analysis gives you precise results on the activity rate, seasonal variations, the general performance of your company. You will be able to implement new practices to increase efficiency and reach your objectives.

To find out more about how KPIs will help you achieve your objectives, read our blog article "CMMS: 10 KPIs to increase maintenance performance".