Geolocation of technicians

Yuman CMMS allows technicians to access all data on the move and in real time from the field, and managers to follow the work and route of teams going to customers, as well as to activate the geolocation function for technicians.

Yuman then allows you to know the real location of your service technicians. This option is not enabled by default.

Once you have obtained the agreement of your employees, go to Settings > Preferences and activate the "Record technician's GPS position" option to activate geolocation.

The GPS position will be recorded by the application only at the START and STOP of the intervention.

You can then consult the map to compare the distance between the actual position of the technician and the place of intervention. A tolerance of about 500m is added.

Below is an example of a technician performing a maintenance intervention about 300m as the crow flies from the intervention site: this confirms that he was indeed on site.

geolocation management technicians interventions gps position