What are the advantages of a SaaS CMMS?

Yuman CMMS is a Software as a Service (SaaS) dedicated to maintenance management. SaaS means that the application is hosted in the Cloud. The CMMS is accessible at any time, from all media with access to the Internet and thus offers many advantageous functionalities:

• No acquisition or maintenance of expensive servers: the software is available immediately from your web browser, no downloading is necessary to use it and have all the functionalities at your disposal.

• No initial investment: you only need to buy an online license, renewable every month. Plus, you get a free 15-day trial of the most complete 'Advanced' version!

• Set-up and quick start: The CMMS setup is instantaneous, a few clicks are all it takes to import its data, invite users, start using the software and all its features.

• 24/7 availability

• Pay only what you need! The price of the service subscription is proportional to the number of users and the functionalities used.

• Software updates are done regularly and automatically, allowing all users to benefit immediately from the latest available improvements without interrupting their work session.

• The tool also offers a disconnected mode allowing mobile technicians to continue to enter preventive and curative maintenance interventions on their mobiles, even in the event of network loss. Synchronization takes place in the background for seamless use.

SaaS CMMS is therefore the ideal solution for quickly and easily benefiting from maintenance management software adapted to the needs and requirements of your company, thus avoiding particularly long implementation times while reducing the associated costs.