Maintenance & Contracts

How to invoice a contract?

Yuman CMMS allows you to manage the operational part of your maintenance contracts with the maintenance plans and ranges, but also the financial part.

In Yuman, several billing options are available to you:

- according to an annual or monthly fee

- invoicing after the preventive intervention

- valuation of the cost of the intervention according to a range of maintenance

First, go to Invoices > Contract List. When creating the contract, you can choose a start and end date, or leave it running.

> According to an annual or monthly fee
Enter the amount (excluding VAT) of the annual fee and define the billing months. You can then go to the Invoices > Invoice contracts tab: all invoices falling due during the chosen month are automatically prepared by CMMS. You can create them in the status in preparation or generate them directly. You will then find them in the Invoice List.

> If you check the box "Trigger invoice after the intervention".
Here, the invoice is prepared only when the maintenance work has been carried out. The operation is then similar to the invoicing of a curative intervention: go to the preventive intervention and click on the "Invoice" button.

> If you tick the box "Valuate from maintenance ranges", the invoice is prepared only when the maintenance intervention has been carried out.
In this case, the invoice is created after the intervention. It will include the cost of the maintenance range (to be defined in the operational part of the contract) and multiply it by the number of equipments concerned if necessary. Here again, go to the preventive intervention and click on the "Invoice" button.

Finally, you can also add a price revision to your maintenance contracts, according to the formulas and revaluation indices previously defined in the CMMS.

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