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Work Order

Create a work order

There are several possibilities for creating a work order:

- From the "Workorders" tab, by clicking on "Add"

- From the "Calendar" tab, by clicking on "Add work order" or by directly selecting a time slot. You can also move a time slot, with a simple drag and drop

- From the "Map" tab, by clicking on "Add"

- From the "Customers" and "Sites" tabs, select "See more" and "Workorders" to access the history of the interventions done and create new ones

- From the mobile via the + button at the bottom left of the screen (if the option to add an intervention from the mobile has been checked in the Account Preferences)

The mandatory fields to create a work order are: the client, the site, the nature of the request, the expected duration.

You can complete this information by adding the contact of the requester, the assigned technician, the products necessary, files for the technician, a form ...

Thus, the technician will have access to all this information, directly from his smartphone.

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