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Information technology and CMMS in Morocco

Information technology and CMMS in Morocco

Wednesday 02 june 2021

In the field of information technology, Morocco is ahead of the other Maghreb countries, as shown by the latest forecasts from IDC. While Algeria and Tunisia have growth prospects of 7.5% and 5.5% respectively, the Kingdom will record growth of 8.5%. In this article, we will study the main factors of this good health and focus more specifically on the CMMS sector.
The drivers of this performance such as telecommunication, including investment induced by 4G, the deployment of fiber optics, or the massive investments in Datacenter made by large companies, are the levers of the growth of information technology in Morocco for several years. The Internet penetration rate stood at 62% in January, according to a report published in 2019 by social networking agencies Hootsuite and We Are Social. According to data provided by the international phone association GSMA, mobile internet penetration was 70 percent at the end of 2018. Today, in an era of digitalization, all industries need experts in the field. IT ranks at the top of the list of sectors that employ the most. The demand is constantly increasing, thanks in particular to the establishment of foreign IT services companies (SSII) in Morocco, taking advantage of lower salaries, but also thanks to the development of Moroccan entities.


Morocco has adopted an "E-Morocco" strategy that aims to accelerate its positioning at the international level and to make it a major ICT platform. This proactive national strategy dedicated to ICT had as its motto the development of a knowledge economy. In addition, the government recently launched a national strategy for the information society and the digital economy called "Maroc Numérique 2013". It aims to make IT a vector of human development. For this, four priorities have been identified:

  • make high-speed internet accessible to citizens.
  • bring the administration closer to the needs of the user through an ambitious e-government program.
  • encourage the computerization of small and medium-sized businesses.
  • develop the local ICT sector by encouraging the emergence of centres of excellence.


Improving access to the Internet is one of the main objectives of the Morocco Digital 2020 Plan, which aims to leverage digitization and stimulate entrepreneurship in the ICT sector to support the kingdom's broader economic development. To carry out this undertaking, the Moroccan government was granted a €611 million loan from the World Bank in late February to support the digital transformation of the economy. This agreement is part of a broader partnership between Morocco and the financial institution that aims to harness the potential of digital technologies to promote entrepreneurship, improved productivity and e-government initiatives and thus stimulate innovation and inclusive growth.


According to IDC, in the future, the Moroccan market will be strongly oriented towards operations that reduce costs and increase productivity such as virtualization, delegated management and cloud computing.

The development of ultra high-speed connections will, finally, according to the study increase the differentiation of players through innovation and competitiveness through the development of services such as SaaS (software as a service). Indeed, according to the IDC CIO Summit (IDC), the forecast growth of the IT sector in Morocco is 4%.

More and more Moroccan companies are considering the use of Cloud Computing. A transition that requires, however, to rethink the entire information system (IS) of the company. With this in mind, inwi has entered into partnerships with global cloud leaders such as Huawei, Dell/EMC, and VMWare to offer Moroccan companies innovative cloud solutions that allow them to begin their digital transformation without prior infrastructure investment. The same goes for Maroc Telecom, which has teamed up with Google to offer the "Google Apps for Work" product in SaaS mode. Indeed, companies can now choose between several providers of Cloud solutions in Morocco.


CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management System, manages the maintenance of physical assets and facilities. This can include the management of factories, the management of technical equipment in a building, the management of a fleet of vehicles, etc. The CMMS market is booming and by 2025 the sector is expected to reach a value of 1.5 billion Euro. The increasing demand for cloud-based CMMS software within manufacturing, healthcare and other industries is drastically accelerating this growth. The growing demand for asset monitoring and smartphones have made the adoption of CMMS software easy, accessible and affordable for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) across all industries. As a result, the adoption of cloud-based CMMS software in SMBs is increasing exponentially. Click here to discover the benefits of a CMMS solution.

In Morocco, there are a few local CMMS software publishers, as well as representatives of foreign publishers, particularly of French origin. Large public institutions and Moroccan companies already use CMMS such as the Régie des Tramways, the CTM (Transport Company in Morocco), the COPAG (food industry).

Investing in a CMMS in Morocco, has several merits, including automation of maintenance tasks, the power of modern mobility, and data security. A CMMS software has become a real necessity for any Moroccan company wishing to modernize. Nevertheless the choice of a CMMS solution in Morocco cannot be done lightly, it is necessary to choose a CMMS editor who offers a last generation solution (Cloud) with profitable advantages and which offer an added value to the company.


The field of information technology is now identified worldwide as an important sector, creating major economic and social opportunities. The Kingdom of Morocco, aware of these challenges, has set up several national programs to support its development. Nevertheless, obstacles persist and slow down the country's entry into the digital era. Indeed, the Moroccan IT services market will continue to be confronted with major difficulties such as the lack of skilled manpower, the lengthy cycles of public procurement, budget suspensions and cancellations, and various shortcomings in the management of projects.


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