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Why a CMMS?

Why a CMMS?

Wednesday 13 may 2020

The few industrial maintenance departments or building maintenance service providers not yet equipped with a CMMS are now taking the plunge. The second strong market trend is the high renewal rate of older maintenance software in favour of the latest generation CMMS solutions that take full advantage of mobility, the cloud and new reporting possibilities. But what makes CMMS a must? Why do we need a web-based, mobile CMMS with powerful metrics?

CMMS, Computerized Maintenance Management System, is the terminology perfectly suited to describe the range of software tools that support and assist people by organizing, structuring, accelerating, facilitating and measuring all the operations of a maintenance team. CMMS appeared as early as the 1960s, but at a time when it was reserved for large companies, CMMS was very quickly democratized. Among the advantages and benefits that now make CMMS a must are the following:

  • The growing number and complexity of the equipment to be maintained
  • The imperatives of competitiveness and productivity
  • Management based more and more on collaboration and information sharing
  • The recording and traceability of all operations carried out
  • Reinforced customer requirements
  • Safety of men and users of equipment and machinery
  • The need to comply with the regulations and standards in force
  • The guarantee to ensure an optimal coverage rate for preventive measures
  • Improvement of the preventive/curative ratio
  • Optimization of inventory and supply management
  • The need for budget monitoring 
  • And that of having performance measurements for decision-making for continuous service improvement.

Based on the experience of our IT developments dedicated to this field and our sustained exchanges with our many customers who have deployed CMMS solutions, we share our expertise and thinking through a series of articles that we present here. Let us guide you via the links to the subjects that concern you the most or that arouse your curiosity the most. Do not hesitate to comment on what we have to say and share your opinions with us, we will be delighted to exchange with you.


  • Why a CMMS for industrial maintenance?
  • Why a CMMS for building maintenance?
  • How to make better decisions with a CMMS?
  • Implementing your CMMS
  • CMMS and regulatory controls in Europe
  • Digital for maintenance

Why a CMMS for industrial maintenance?

Industrial maintenance has long been a pioneer in the use of IT tools, having been caught up in its uses by real estate maintenance. The interconnection of machines with each other and with people through intelligent sensor networks, the management of spare parts via QRcodes, the integration of CMMS with the company's ERP, the recording of photos and videos, the taking of measurements and mobility are the current challenges of this sector. By reading Why a CMMS for industrial maintenance? you will discover the current trends in the field, best practices, Total Productive Maintenance and the benefits expected in the different industrial sectors.

Why a CMMS for building maintenance?

In this series of articles, we look at the specific aspects of maintenance for real estate. This essential part of the sector focuses on the maintenance of technical assets and infrastructure that contribute to the comfort and safety of residents and building users. By leafing through Why a CMMS for building maintenance? you will discover how heating engineers, plumbers, electricians, elevator operators, alarm operators, automation specialists, facility managers, property managers, building managers, etc., are seeing their working methods transformed by the arrival of new CMMS solutions that are increasingly complete, intuitive, easy to use, high-performance and mobile.

How can you make better decisions with a CMMS?

Having powerful metrics, the famous KPIs, is essential to be able to improve operations, better respond to new customer requirements, boost performance and growth. How can you make better decisions with a CMMS? Here we show you how to implement them. The CMMS will manage your equipment fleet, your maintenance plans and your preventive and curative interventions, will plan your teams, will manage your stocks and supplies and of course will help you make the best decisions.

Implementing your CMMS

Everything you need to know about CMMS and how to implement it successfully in your company or department. Implementing your CMMS includes all the articles dedicated to this subject. Among other things, you'll find 10 key points about CMMS, why it's essential to choose a mobile CMMS, the advantages of buying your CMMS online, and the 8 steps to a successful launch. If you need to draw up specifications, we offer you a model that you can use directly.

CMMS and regulatory controls in Europe

Maintenance is, of course, the upkeep and repair of technical equipment and machinery. It also involves the intervention of external auditing bodies, regular technical inspections and certificates of good operation. The standards in force and the regulations of the states and regions have been strengthened in recent years in order to meet the new societal requirements in terms of personal safety, environmental impact and energy savings. From here to write that we no longer speak of Computer Aided Maintenance Management but of Computer Aided Company there is only one - small - step to take.

In the article CMMS and Regulatory Controls in Europe, we make an inventory of the regulations for the United Kingdom, France, Belgium and Switzerland. You will perceive the differences in approach and sensitivity from one country to another through the evolution of laws and standards regulating heating, elevators, fire safety and electrical installations.

Digital technology for maintenance

We close our series of articles by taking a step back on the impact of information technologies on the world of maintenance which does not escape the increasingly wide and rapid spread of digital technology with as main developments:

  • Web interfaces: the best CMMSs are now available via a web browser for a greatly simplified use: anywhere, anytime, with a user experience close to that of an online reservation or e-commerce site ensuring immediate appropriation
  • SaaS: the software and data are hosted in Datacenters: user access via the Internet. Pay as you use, continuous improvements, simplified project launch, falling cost of ownership: these are the main benefits for users of these new solutions
  • Mobility: using smartphones or tablets as a support, with user geolocation functions, permanent availability of useful information, such as stock status, notices, plans, operating modes, even in disconnected mode, direct data collection in front of the equipment, recording and sharing in real time: this is of course THE revolution for the maintenance sector, whether it is diffuse or sedentary

In the digital maintenance service, we come back to these different aspects, we talk about the history of CMMS, we talk about technologies, new digital trends. To sum up, we're getting a little higher up and we're in the cloud... and we're doing very well!


By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

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