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Building CMMS software: comfort and security

Building CMMS software: comfort and security

Tuesday 05 may 2020

There are 3 main categories of maintenance: industrial maintenance, real estate maintenance and after-sales service. While each has its own specificities, they have above all many elements in common and the contribution of CMMS, now an essential part of the process, will considerably facilitate their organisation. In this article, we focus more specifically on building maintenance through 5 technical areas: heating, air conditioning, elevators, alarm and fire safety systems and Facility Management.

Thus, among the fields of application of the CMMS, the building industry is certainly the sector which will draw the most advantages and benefits from the deployment of a CMMS of last generation 100% web and mobile. Let's take a closer look...


Whether gas, oil or cogeneration, heating installations have become considerably more sophisticated and complex, becoming more and more efficient, connected and better able to meet the challenges of sustainable development. In addition to their preventive and curative maintenance missions, heating service providers now aim to reduce energy consumption, record and monitor consumption and verify compliance with current standards. You will find out more by reading : The contribution of CMMS for heating companies

CMMS makes life easier for heating engineers by supporting them throughout the maintenance process, from planning interventions to customer communication. It saves considerable time in operations by accompanying technicians on the road throughout the day via the mobile application, even when the intervention takes place outside network coverage thanks to the off-line mode, and for commercial and administrative processing: quotes, sales invoices, stock management, purchasing, control forms, etc.

Air conditioning

Air conditioning is an essential component of comfort, whether for private individuals, in offices or on production sites. The profession of air conditioning specialist is tending to expand and is no longer limited to installing and repairing equipment. Compliance with anti-pollution standards aimed at reducing the ecological impact on nature and safety regulations are now essential prospects for this profession. CMMS is there to help operators in their maintenance operations and in the regular upkeep of their air conditioning equipment. Find out more here: CMMS brings innovation to the air-conditioning industry.

Planning your reactive or preventive maintenance interventions, advanced maintenance plans, pre-registered regulatory forms, carrying out installation or renovation work, managing spare parts, CMMS becomes indispensable for both the manager in the office and the technician in the field.

The lift

If there's one place you don't want to get stuck, it's in an elevator! Whether in residential buildings, offices or industrial sites, elevators are found absolutely everywhere. With hundreds of millions of users every day, the major challenges for maintenance service providers in this sector are clear: to reduce the risk of breakdown as much as possible while providing comfort and safety. To provide a guarantee of compliance, lift operators are subject to strict legislation, incur financial penalties and incur civil and criminal liability in the event of an accident. 

Preventive maintenance is the core business of an elevator operator in order to reduce the frequency of any type of incident regardless of its seriousness. To do this, the CMMS solution will play a crucial role in avoiding any problems and optimizing the management of the entire fleet of elevators to be maintained. In this theme, you will discover more here Without CMMS, the elevator regulation puzzle

Recurring maintenance of the equipment is mandatory: 2 to 4 times a year, or even every 6 weeks in France. It is absolutely essential to be able to track all your maintenance contracts, to automatically plan and carry out your interventions on time via the mobile application. Centralized database of installed equipment, ranges and maintenance plans for regular checks, compliance reports, spare parts supply: digitizing and automating these functions using a mobile, web-based and intuitive CMMS allows elevator operators to immediately increase their competitiveness.

Alarm and camera surveillance devices

The protection of persons and property is a problem for both individuals and professionals. The automation of today's security systems is a major step forward in this field since it allows remote control 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while offering increasingly advanced functionalities. Nevertheless, the maintenance of this equipment remains essential to guarantee its reliability and accuracy while avoiding breakdowns. To this end, CMMS will prove to be a valuable ally in facilitating the management of curative, preventive and predictive maintenance. Discover all the information on this subject by reading the article: Internet 4.0 : CMMS at the service of safety

A modern CMMS adapts to all security structures to provide immediate added value by digitizing maintenance processes. Whether by saving time during interventions or by reducing the maintenance costs of your equipment, boost your activity while improving the quality of customer service.

Fire safety devices

The risk of fire has always been one of the major dangers for the safety of people and property. To protect against it, the installation of detection and protection devices has become mandatory in all private and public infrastructures. The maintenance teams assigned to fire risk therefore have a great responsibility and must be conscientious on a daily basis. The multiplicity of characteristics of the equipment related to this sector makes their maintenance complex, so it is essential to develop a global preventive maintenance strategy. Thanks to CMMS, nothing could be simpler! For more information on this subject, do not hesitate to consult the article: CMMS to the rescue of fire safety

In a field where the right to make mistakes has no place, regular maintenance of safety devices is imperative. To do this, CMMS increases the service life of equipment and reduces the number of breakdowns. The transmission of information through a centralized platform also makes it possible to accurately monitor the status of the installation parks to ensure that their compliance is maintained at all times.

Facility Management

Administering an entire organization requires multiple knowledge and is time-consuming. In response to this, the concept of Facility Management proposes to ensure the management of all the services attached to a site and its facilities. In the professional environment, this means creating a working environment that is perfectly adapted to the employees' needs while respecting the standards and regulations in force. FM is divided into two categories: maintenance of buildings and technical installations, and employee services. The digitalization and outsourcing of working methods is completely reshaping the field and strengthening the role of CMMS.

Would you like to know more about Facility Management? Go to All about Facility Management

Using a single application to manage the entire maintenance process will increase efficiency, improve communication and information sharing, and optimize the entire maintenance process. 

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BIM (Building Information Modeling) is today an essential tool for Facility Managers wishing to manage their buildings from design through commissioning to actual use by its occupants.  Associated with a modern CMMS, BIM facilitates the transition from the construction phase to the operation phase of the building and makes it easier to monitor the life cycle of equipment and maintenance. Read more in our article: To BIM or not to BIM


The BMS, acronym for Building Management System, includes all the software used to supervise technical assets and monitor energy consumption. If the BMS monitors and detects thanks to sensor networks, it is indeed the CMMS which plans the maintenance interventions of the men. Hence the major challenge of having an interconnection and a successful integration between the two solutions. This is the detailed subject of the article that we invite you to discover: Today I connect my CMMS to my BMS!


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