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CMMS for the retail sector, customized maintenance for your equipment

CMMS for the retail sector, customized maintenance for your equipment

Monday 14 march 2022

Whether it's in-store retail or online sales, the retail sector requires meticulous monitoring of equipment and technical assets. CMMS for retail is not an option. Our embedded software solution is available on cell phones. It provides the essential functionality to secure stores and logistics platforms for quality customer service.

And that's why, among the areas of application of CMMS that we specialize in at, the retail sector occupies a place of choice. 

The retail sector in France

The French retail industry remains very dynamic despite the health crisis and the decline in recorded transactions. The consumer evolves in his way of buying with in particular the advent of the telecommuting and the drive sales. However, the number of stores stopped falling in 2020.

Characteristics of the French retail sector

The French retail sector will have an equal market share in 2021 between independent and integrated retailers. Discount stores account for 10% of the total supermarket trade. After a steady decline in the number of large food stores since 2016, 2020 will see an increase of +2%. Convenience stores have grown the most, up 5% in four years.

Mass retail: a rapidly changing service offering

The health crisis since 2020 is causing major changes in consumption. Overall transactions will fall by 3% in 2021 compared to 2019. Hypermarkets are suffering the most while the Web is progressing by + 34%. With the various confinements in particular and the change of habits, the online sales of food stores literally explode. Drive, pedestrian drive, without forgetting home delivery, almost all the brands offer this type of service. This evolution leads to the implementation of specific equipment and Web tools or software adapted to each company in the supermarket sector.

The maintenance in the companies of the mass distribution

The management of maintenance in the companies of the GMS takes various forms. Establishments that receive the public such as stores, platforms and logistics warehouses, without forgetting computer software and electronic payment tools, the installations and equipment to be maintained are multiple.

Various maintenance needs for companies in the supermarket sector

Whatever the sites or equipment in the retail sector, maintenance needs are varied. The preventive or curative control of refrigeration, air conditioning, heating and electricity installations are some of the recurrent interventions. Maintenance also consists in maintaining the stores, the parking lots and the surroundings, without forgetting the upgrades to the standards. It also involves managing the maintenance teams, both salaried technicians and service providers. In addition, the monitoring of spare parts stocks or the management of cleaning.

Specific intervention needs: cold management, QHSE aspects and payment terminals

This sector of activity manages multiple products in stock, particularly in the food industry. It therefore has specific storage and cold management equipment. These companies often work with logistics platforms that are sometimes owned by the group. All this equipment requires periodic maintenance, without forgetting the quality, traceability, safety and hygiene aspects.

This is also the case for retail stores. The reception of customers and the presentation of products, particularly fresh produce, require compliance with strict standards. Cleanliness, maintenance of the cold chain and safety are fundamental. Let's not forget the payment terminals (TPE), the management of the cash registers and the computer networks.

The contribution of CMMS for large-scale distribution

Choose our specialized CMMS tool for large-scale distribution. It facilitates the management of all the tasks involved in maintenance. It is a real asset for managing teams and controlling costs.

Managing the maintenance of the production tool: stores and logistics platforms

With our on-board CMMS solutions for large-scale distribution, you can keep a constant eye on your equipment and real estate. Buildings such as stores or warehouses, refrigerators, unloading docks, rolling stock, furniture, cash registers and payment terminals, everything is listed. You have all the information in real time as well as the maintenance costs for each asset.

Monitoring and organizing the work of maintenance teams and service providers

One of the other major advantages of our CMMS tools for large-scale distribution lies in the management of maintenance teams and service providers. All recurring interventions by specialized suppliers are scheduled. You have a real time follow-up of these services. The maintenance manager in a supermarket organizes the work of his technicians. He plans interventions and manages on-call duty. On our online CMMS software, it also controls the purchases, stock and replenishment of spare parts.

At, we are specialists in computer-aided maintenance management. We offer custom CMMS solutions for the following industries as well:



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