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CMMS and solar panels maintenance

CMMS and solar panels maintenance

Wednesday 15 december 2021

If you are a professional in the solar energy sector, you are part of the green energy revolution and the reduction of carbon emissions in the world. Due to the priority of these environmental issues, the sector has been experiencing strong development for several years. However, the investment to be made when purchasing photovoltaic panels is still important and it can be difficult to maximize their profitability...

It is therefore crucial to value and capitalize on its assets to increase its financial performance. To do so, a preventive and scheduled maintenance of its equipment is essential and will allow you to perform your business value on the long term. But how to perform adequate maintenance of solar panels? Why, as for the entire renewable energy production sector, turn to CMMS?

The Solar Panel Industry

Solar energy is one of the key ways to ensure a clean and unlimited energy future for the world. The sector has been growing rapidly, despite the predominance of fossil fuels in global energy production. To wit, in 2021, the share of electricity generation via solar represents 4.9% of the European Union's consumption (131,700 MW) and tends to increase in the coming years. The advantages of solar energy are undeniable and explain the new enthusiasm of professionals. 

Thanks to the sun and the use of photovoltaic panels, electricity is produced by transforming the energy flow. Every day, the rate of energy production of the sun is much higher than the energy needs of the earth. This fact makes it an infinite source of electricity and makes this sector very attractive for industrialists. Apart from the high cost of installation, the other advantage of photovoltaic panels is their quick return on investment. Indeed, the expenses related to the exploitation remain low while guaranteeing a strong output.

Another important point is that photovoltaic panels do not require the use of fuels. This production is therefore done without harmful emissions and allows to play a major role in the decarbonization of the planet. This echoes the expectations of the COP 21 to limit the warming of temperatures to 2 degrees in 2100 compared to 1850. This objective can only be achieved on a global scale with the support of industry.

However, there are still points of improvement to be taken into consideration before embarking on this type of operation. The environmental impacts remain significant during the production and recycling of the special metals needed to manufacture solar panels. There are also questions about the size and impact of the industry on the eco-system and nature, as well as the amount of water used to clean the solar panels. In spite of this, the sector remains promising. It generates jobs and allows for electricity production in rural areas and more controlled in urban areas. 

So if you are already a professional in this sector or if you want to start up, deploying solar panels can be a good investment choice. The sun remains a safe and sustainable value, we encourage you to make the most of this resource. But to act effectively, we will see together the importance of a good maintenance of its equipment.

The maintenance of solar panels

Solar panels have the advantage of not needing significant maintenance, hence the low cost of this type of operation. However, vigilance and regular maintenance will ensure the durability of your installation. As the year goes by, your solar panels will indeed get dirty with dust and organic waste deposits. In spite of a slight inclination of the panels, for a better capture of the rays, and a possible natural cleaning carried out by the rain, this waste can accumulate, to fix itself. An intervention of professionals of cleaning can then be necessary.

The maintenance of your panels is all the more important when your industry is located in a coastal area, downtown, in an agricultural area or in a region subject to weather conditions that could weaken your equipment. It is therefore important to take these environmental factors into consideration to maintain optimal performance. Regular and optimized cleaning is enough to prolong the life and efficiency of your solar panels.

Apart from maintenance, compliance with safety standards is important. These are strict and evolve regularly, in particular to protect your employees from the various risks incurred. As it is above all a power plant, the dangers linked to the production must be controlled. In order to avoid any loss of energy and potential accidents, reliable maintenance of assets is essential. Hence the importance of also checking the condition of your other equipment such as the inverter, the electrical cables or the electrical panel, which are also necessary for the operation of your photovoltaic panels. The solar inverter plays a major role in transforming the direct current of the solar panels into alternating current. 

In order to avoid breakdowns and accidents, the automation and programming of the preventive maintenance of your assets will save you time, money and allow you to deal with any emergency situation. This is where CMMS and the interest of the maintenance of the solar energy industry equipment comes in. 

The contribution of CMMS for solar energy 

First of all, it is important to remember what CMMS is. It is a computer-assisted maintenance management system. As its name suggests, this program allows you to automate and centralize information related to your assets and thus help you perform preventive maintenance, regular maintenance, and other daily tasks. Thanks to this service, you will avoid stress or moments of panic when problems arise that were not anticipated. CMMS is a major asset that will allow you to save money in the long term. A good maintenance allows a durability of the assets and avoids an expensive purchase of material. 

The CMMS allows you to manage in one place the performance of your equipment, to have a history of your maintenance, to manage your budget over the year, and many other parameters that will guide your production and your employees. This way, you ensure a better organization of your industry, maintain your economic performance and reduce the risk of human error.

The photovoltaic world is no exception to the interest of CMMS in its daily life. Whether it is through regular cleaning of your equipment, preventive maintenance of the various components, or reorganization of your services, the benefits will be there. The good general condition of your equipment will attest to your professionalism and maintain the durability, safety and proper functioning of your operations.


Maintenance management tools are a great ally for all solar panel manufacturers. The belief in a risk-free, cost-efficient economy that advocates overuse of assets will not help you keep your business afloat. Regular and preventive maintenance of your photovoltaic panels must be a priority and be integrated in your budget lines.

Better anticipation, risk control and technical intervention will allow you to offer a quality service to your customers and will ensure you many more contracts and projects. The future of renewable energy is in your hands and CMMS is a major asset to help you develop this type of operation, which is still underdeveloped. The climate issues are too important to be neglected. So, it's up to you! 

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