Access the history of the equipment in intervention

When a technician from your company carries out work, maintenance, servicing or installation, he can access from the mobile CMMS the history of the interventions previously carried out at a customer's premises, on a site or on equipment.

Date of the last visit, type of maintenance, equipment or parts already replaced, reports of past interventions, preventive maintenance carried out, photos, description of the installation, etc ... All these data are recorded by the software and available to the technician when he consults his intervention sheet. The technician reads the information concerning the customer, the site, the request of the day and can select "Access to the site history".

Thus, the mobile CMMS assists the technician when performing maintenance, preventive or corrective maintenance by providing him with valuable data for establishing a diagnosis or finding a recurring breakdown. The quality of the information available and fed back from the field by the CMMS helps you to optimize the management and monitoring of the equipment on which you work.