How to bill on site?

With the mobile version of the Yuman software, the technician can invoice an intervention or service directly on site.

With this module, it is the technician who creates the invoice and sends it directly by email to the customer after the maintenance intervention:

• Completion of the intervention by the technician
• Direct quantification of the intervention voucher including: the duration of the missions, the travel time of the technicians, the fixed prices for interventions, the items used are valued in euros, with the cost of VAT.
• Direct issue of the invoice and transfer by e-mail to the customer
• Addition of the General Terms and Conditions of Sale and the VAT certificate
• Possible collection via the Yuman interconnection at Stripe

To use this feature of the software, check "Allow on-site billing" in Account Preferences. This allows you to pre-register billing preferences and choose to attach the intervention report in PDF format to the invoice when it is sent to the customer.

When creating the intervention, you can add the equipment and items needed for the technician to complete the mission: the prices are then automatically indicated on the invoice.

Enterprise Invoicing Management Software - Yuman CMMS - Invoicing technician maintenance interventions

The software also offers you an alternative to this invoicing management: the work order is well encrypted, thanks to the data recorded by the technician in the field, but the invoice is sent in a second step, after the teams in the office have added the prices of the services.