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What about CMMS speaking articles on the web?

What about CMMS speaking articles on the web?

Thursday 06 february 2020

We have made an overview of CMMS speaking articles that can be found on the web. We will see that the trend is... not very trendy.
Not content to be boring, a large majority of articles are giving pride of place to dinosaur publishers from another era of computing. By the way, this certainly explains that. As an illustration, this kind of information can be found in the CMMS article of a well-known encyclopedia (which we also love). Let me quote: "IBM now offers an Asset Management solution resulting from the takeover of the MRO company in 2006...". Wow! What were you doing in 2006? Fourteen years ago, though. Then we continue with "... IBM positions its Asset Management product mainly on the high-end ... " Ouch! It's going to cost a lot of money. Very expensive. And the paragraph ends with the very ironic "... in projects involving a large volume of support days. ".. which can be translated instantly as a project that will take years to complete, if it succeeds, when the client's needs will have totally changed. The famous tunnel effect that was still being talked about fifteen years ago. Failure guaranteed. Well, let's not shoot the ambulance, IBM was still the leading computer manufacturer in the sixties and seventies. And that was only half a century ago! Nostalgia when you hold us...

What about mobile CMMS?

I'm not going to go through it all again, it would be a bit tedious, but the majority of items have this color. So, what should the web be talking about and not talking or not talking at all, when next-generation CMMS are feeding off the latest technological breakthroughs?
First, mobile CMMS. No mention! Yet it is mobility that guarantees all technicians to stay connected, to receive their new missions. It is mobility that connects them to their dispatchers and managers, giving them access to history of interventions and maintenance ranges. It is mobility that enables them to collect information directly in the field: start and end times, tasks performed, spare parts consumed, measurements, photos, customer signatures and a host of other essential data.

What about SaaS CMMS?

SaaS CMMS: it's rarely mentioned. While today it has become the main access channel for companies that are equipping themselves: no investment required, control of cost of ownership, high availability, performance, permanent upgrades and improvements of the application, etc. Finally, I speak for the best CMMS, it goes without saying. 😀
... Some complete CMMS solutions that can be purchased online. This is how you really recognize a high-end CMMS: very short deployment times. Setup and customization are extensive but still simple and accessible. Data transfer by automated imports. Open solutions. It is really the ability to offer this distribution method that demonstrates the modernity and know-how of a publisher. We already offer it, of course continuing the classic physical sale for customers who feel more comfortable with it.

New entrants in the maintenance software industry are bringing fresh wind and revitalizing an industry that needed it, to the satisfaction of customers and users alike.  

The future of CMMS, including predictive maintenance (on this subject, our article "20 years on, what is the status of Predictive Maintenance?" currently in press will be available very soon...), and the emergence of CMMS platforms able to federate all maintenance actors: property managers, service providers, design offices, contractors, subcontractors, field technicians etc. are also not mentioned.  

Well, don't be desperated: there is our blog 🙃 . In just a few minutes of reading, you will be informed about what really matters today in terms of digitalization of maintenance and the latest news in the sector.

See you soon
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