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How to use CMMS software: everything you need to know

How to use CMMS software: everything you need to know

Thursday 24 march 2022

Are you considering the implementation of a computer-aided maintenance management system for your equipment? CMMS is a digital solution designed to ensure the fluidity of a company's production chain. Parts inventory management, field team planning management, how to use a CMMS software? Our explanations and advice to follow for an optimal management of your company's maintenance and for a better productivity.

What is the design of a CMMS software?

To facilitate user access to the CMMS software, it has an intuitive and easy-to-use interface. The CMMS software is composed of functionalities that meet your needs. Different types of dashboards are integrated. They allow a follow-up of the data relative to your activity. These tables provide a precise and rapid analysis of the state of maintenance of your equipment. How to set up a CMMS sheds light on how to conduct such a project.

Each dashboard is adapted to the function of the user's position. The interface of a CMMS software offers the possibility to customize each report visually.

What is the composition of a computerized maintenance management software?

Upstream, you must think about the choice of functionalities of your future CMMS software. These functionalities are defined according to the needs of your company.

How to use a CMMS software? The functionalities

A computer-aided maintenance management software is a set of tools and functionalities. This digital solution for companies simplifies the management tasks of all departments:

  • Human resources department management
  • Management of production equipment
  • Management of the company's production
  • Proper inventory management
  • Management of team planning
  • Management of personnel absences

The advantages of CMMS software

The objective of a CMMS software is to anticipate the needs of a company. Planning tools and dashboards are the main tools used in a CMMS.

The dashboards present data concerning the maintenance status of production assets at a given moment. They also provide a follow-up of the management operations of this equipment. The risk of breakdown is thus eliminated. There is no downtime in the production line.

The planning tools determine the allocation of tasks to technicians. They give access to the monitoring of the evolution of tasks and interventions. These planning tools generate a certain performance in terms of organization.

What is the use of a CMMS software?

The use of CMMS software concerns all departments and positions within companies. Thanks to the unique interface of the CMMS software, all operations are centralized. The access to all data for all users leads to an optimal coordination of tasks.

For an even more optimal use of the CMMS, your maintenance management software is available via a mobile application. This application allows access to data anywhere and at any time. The mobile application guarantees technical support in case of problems. You benefit from assistance provided by qualified personnel.

How to use a CMMS software? Conclusion

To ensure that all users adhere to the use of CMMS software, you can turn to online training on this type of digital solution. Barriers to change may appear. Potential users will need to be coached to integrate all the benefits of CMMS. If you would like more information on the features of such software, please consult our following pages:


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