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Planning the implementation of a CMMS in your company

Planning the implementation of a CMMS in your company

Thursday 24 march 2022

The decision is made, you will implement your CMMS project! Computer-aided maintenance management is the future of maintenance services, as long as your project holds up. As with all IT-related matters, good preparation is the key to success. Otherwise, the implementation of a CMMS solution will not be able to deliver all the value you expect from this project. Specifications, choice of software, user support, principles of use, each step counts and will contribute to the success of your transition process.

How to implement a CMMS? To achieve your objectives. We tell you everything!

An outsourced CMMS solution, the right choice!

It is legitimate to wonder why you should choose to outsource your CMMS. The question is also asked for all the services that the company needs for its operation. It can be interesting to have an integrated garage for the mechanical maintenance of a fleet of vehicles. But is it really profitable? What are the necessary investments? A company must concentrate on its core business to guarantee its productivity and competitiveness. It is therefore better to delegate non-productive tasks to specialists and concentrate on those with high added value.

An outsourced CMMS solution requires no investment and even less installation. In addition, it offers access to the latest generation of software that benefits from the constant improvement of its features. Yuman's CMMS solution is distinguished by its flexibility which allows it to find its place in all companies. Its adaptability allows it to evolve with the organization. Finally, what few CMMS software offer, it allows management and employees to connect online from any mobile interface.

CMMS specifications, a key element in the success of the project

Every good project starts with a set of specifications. It's best to define your objectives before choosing the means to achieve them, especially in IT. This ensures that the recommended tool will be perfectly suited to the department for which it is intended. Nevertheless, the work required for a good analysis of the existing situation and the company's needs can be considerable. Not to mention that only a good methodology will give convincing results. Our article on CMMS specifications explains in detail the best way to successfully implement a CMMS. You will also find a downloadable specification sheet that you will just have to adapt to your company.

Training employees to use the CMMS

If a CMMS solution requires numerous training sessions for your employees, run away! A maintenance technician should not have to get a diploma to use a CMMS software. This would inevitably indicate that the software is too complex, which would cast doubt on its performance. The Yuman CMMS software is an intuitive tool and is quick to learn. In most cases, the technical team can take advantage of all the resources of the CMMS solution without prior training. Our article on the training gmao online makes the turn of the question.

Using CMMS software, a foot in the future

How to use a CMMS software? Like a Swiss Army knife. The latest CMMS software can do everything for your maintenance department except make coffee (but we're working on it). Of course, it will not go out into the field and do the work for your technicians either, you have to leave some work to the human element. More seriously, a CMMS solution facilitates the work of the entire team, as long as it has obtained the support of all employees.

The use of a CMMS makes it possible to manage all aspects of an organization's maintenance. Operations, administrative management, data analysis and communication between teams are optimized. This includes the planning of interventions, the management of spare parts stock or the edition and exchange of work documents. Customer data, technical documentation and invoicing are also supported. This increases the productivity and thus the profitability of the maintenance activity.

Creating your own CMMS software, great solution or squaring the circle?

You might be tempted to develop a custom CMMS software for your organization. If this is the case, it is better to have a top-notch IT department. On the other hand, you will have to acquire the necessary equipment to host the CMMS software and the data. All this can generate significant costs. You can also choose an intermediate approach by using a general-purpose program like Excel. This may be suitable for some basic operations, but the functionality of the system will remain limited. For an overview of home-made solutions, see our article: How to create a CMMS software?

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