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How to choose your CMMS software?

How to choose your CMMS software?

Friday 25 march 2022

It is useful to briefly recall what CMMS, or computer-assisted maintenance management, is. It is a computer tool designed to manage all the maintenance activities of a company or technical infrastructure. This means the planning of corrective and preventive interventions, the management of all the data related to maintenance services and the communication between users. Let's see how to choose the best computerized maintenance management solution for your company.

To find out more, our complete article on CMMS explains everything.

CMMS features for your maintenance

You have to ask yourself what are the functionalities of CMMS? This is the essential question to ask yourself when choosing the right software. And this, before deciding to switch to computerized management of the company's maintenance.

Efficient management is not just about obsolete functionalities

You can manage your maintenance department with an Excel workbook and a telephone. Some companies still do it. Using a dedicated module of the ERP system is also possible. The limits will be quickly reached to the detriment of the quality of service. The competitiveness that is essential today requires an efficient and complete management tool. Only a latest generation CMMS offers the functionalities required for optimized and profitable management of technical maintenance.

A complete CMMS solution ensures flawless management

A CMMS solution must offer the management of the entire maintenance department through a simple interface accessible to all users. This includes the human resources, with the planning of interventions and available personnel. The software must list all the company's equipment to be maintained. Spare parts inventory management must be ensured. All administrative tasks must be handled. This includes work orders, invoicing, service reports and customer data. Finally, the software's database will be able to accommodate all technical documentation or operating statistics.

Compare the different CMMS software before choosing

The IT transition shows every day the dangers of not preparing an IT project. Before entrusting your maintenance to a CMMS application, it is best to consult our CMMS software comparison.

Not all CMMS software is of the same quality

There are many CMMS solutions on the market, but not all are equal. It is necessary to precisely set your objectives and define the expectations you have the right to expect before choosing a CMMS software. They can be numerous, such as an improvement in the quality of services, a gain in productivity, a better profitability or the optimization of the management of maintenance services. If we add cost control or technical assistance, few software packages tick all the boxes.

Test the different CMMS solutions in use, and why not?

A realistic and effective comparison of CMMS solutions cannot be made on paper. If this makes it possible to make a first selection, nothing beats a test in real conditions. The same is true for solutions that require numerous sessions with the editor. Even if we detail all the desired services and receive the developers' approval, the start-up will remain a surprise. Only a full-scale test on real scenarios will immediately reveal the quality and shortcomings of the software being evaluated. It will show its ease of use, its performance, its collaborative capacity and, finally, the user experience of the system.

There are several types of CMMS software

CMMS solutions can take different forms and be deployed differently. You can better understand the diversity of the offer by reading our article on the different CMMS software. Let's look at two ways to approach the problem.

Installation of the CMMS solution within the company

This is the historical client/server CMMS model. It represents an investment that can be very heavy. It will involve purchases, including the server, the software, as well as various equipment. Not to mention that new equipment means additional maintenance. On its side, the software will require regular updates and version upgrades. Needless to say, you will have to be reactive in case of a bug. If we add data security, it is better to have a qualified IT department.

The online CMMS solution hosted outside the company

This is undoubtedly the future of CMMS. The software publisher takes care of everything. It manages the hosting of the complete solution, as well as all the data, in a totally secure manner. Users can access the CMMS services at any time from any location via an Internet connection. This allows teams to take advantage of all the functionalities on the move. Simply use the application on your mobile or tablet via 4G/5G networks.

CMMS is a tool that has a price

The painful question remains, the price. To know everything about the budget, you can consult our article on the price of a CMMS. Let's try to understand how the costs of a CMMS project break down. They vary considerably depending on the choice of software. A client/server system permanently installed in the company represents an investment. It is undeniably the most expensive choice that you will have to budget for and then amortize. If you have heard of free CMMS software, tell us, we would love to meet them.

Today, there is no need to invest in a CMMS and all its equipment. An online CMMS is charged per use. Its implementation does not require any investment, as users are already equipped with a computer. An online CMMS solution works like an Internet subscription. The monthly fee includes the implementation for the company, hosting, data storage and backups. It also covers monitoring, telephone support and software updates. Beware of hidden costs, however, everything must be included, otherwise you'll have to pass.

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