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What are the features of CMMS?

What are the features of CMMS?

Friday 25 march 2022

The functionalities of CMMS, or Computerized Maintenance Management System, allow it to manage all the resources essential to a company's maintenance. From administrative management to intervention planning, CMMS software covers all the needs of the maintenance department, including cost management.

To find out how to choose your CMMS software, discover the advantages it will bring to your company.

CMMS functionalities at the service of the company's maintenance

The maintenance of a company's assets and services is a vast task. It can be complex and costly, yet it is essential. A CMMS solution is a complete planning, management and analysis tool for companies. No more binders full of work orders, no more stock-outs, no more calendar errors. A question is burning in your mind, what are the features of the Yuman CMMS? Let's start by detailing the essential features of a CMMS.

The management of the company's equipment

An effective maintenance department must have a comprehensive list of all the technical assets of the company. The CMMS software knows each piece of equipment, its technical data sheet, its usage schedule and its preventive maintenance schedule. It also lists its location, its accessibility conditions and the contact persons in charge. Access to the history of interventions provides a global view of maintenance data throughout the life of the asset concerned.

Management of maintenance tools and resources

Vehicles, tools, technical documentation and spare parts are essential for maintenance operations. CMMS manages all the information on the use of technical resources and their availability. Without forgetting that this indispensable equipment also requires regular maintenance. The CMMS software makes it possible to know, in real time, the availability of equipment, the stocks of spare parts or the technical information necessary for any intervention. It also manages the purchase of the necessary equipment.

Management of maintenance operations

The planning of maintenance operations can give you cold sweats. Responding urgently to requests for corrective maintenance, while ensuring preventive services, can be a balancing act. Long gone are the days when the maintenance manager's tools were a calendar, a pencil and a phone. With the CMMS mobile application, teams are connected in real time, which offers exceptional responsiveness. Everyone has access to all the information required for the smooth running of the department.

Managing human resources

Technicians do not have the gift of ubiquity. It is therefore best to avoid overlapping appointments or incorrectly estimating intervention time. The CMMS allows seamless management of teams. It takes into account the availability of technicians in real time, but also their absences and vacations. It also assigns interventions according to the skills and authorizations of each person. Real-time sharing of calendars provides teams with instant information on the occupation of each member.

Administrative management of maintenance

This is the hidden part of the iceberg, yet without it nothing works. From the intervention request form to the invoicing, each document is essential. This also applies to internal intervention reports, activity reports for customers and spare parts orders. Administrative management is handled by the CMMS software. All documents generated by the maintenance department are accessible online, depending on the users' authorizations. Management, technicians and customers can instantly find the information they need. This represents a considerable gain in space, time and profitability.

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