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All Yuman CMMS features

All Yuman CMMS features

Wednesday 09 december 2020

Planning and monitoring of curative and preventive maintenance. Collecting and sharing information in real-time. Collaboration between managers and technicians. Monitoring the life cycle of equipment. Management of spare parts and stocks. Invoicing. Quotes management. Management of customer and supplier contracts. Tag by QR codes. Photo libraries. Document management. Forms ... discover the features of Yuman CMMS to cover all your maintenance processes.

> Implementing your CMMS

Facilities Assets

Centralise and instantly find all the information on the technical assets to be maintained.

  • Sites and buildings management
  • Management of clients, companies and contacts
  • Management of relations between co-ownerships and trustees
  • Management of equipment
  • Management of technical installations with equipment hierarchy
  • Monitoring the life cycle of each piece of equipment

Curative maintenance

Easily plan and organise the work of the technical teams. Manage technicians on site and on the move

  • Entering and processing curative maintenance requests
  • Real-time monitoring of curative requests
  • Interventions map
  • Planning and management of absences and holidays
  • Multi-technician interventions
  • Multi-passage interventions
  • Addition of custom fields on the Work Order Form
  • Daily, weekly and monthly planning views
  • Connection to Google Calendar
  • Follow-up and export of technicians' time sheets 
  • SMS and email notifications to requesters
  • Integration of subcontractors

Preventive maintenance

Organise recurrent maintenance and improve your preventive maintenance coverage rate

  • Recording of maintenance range libraries
  • List of necessary spare parts and consumables
  • Management of preventive maintenance plans
  • Load/capacity of your technical teams
  • Generation of preventive interventions
  • Real-time monitoring of the smooth running of operations
  • Construction of a digital maintenance logbook for the facilities
  • Key Performance Indicators

Stocks & Supplies

Make sure you store and make spare parts and consumables available to your technical teams in the right place at the right time. When and how much to order, where to stock, Yuman will answer you.

  • Multi-site stock management
  • Multi-technician stock management
  • Threshold management
  • Management of stock movements from computer or mobile
  • Scan of items and consumables using QRcode
  • Journal of stock movements
  • Addition of the necessary items when creating a request for intervention
  • Addition of items used when recording an intervention on the mobile
  • Supply request from the mobile
  • Current supply list and follow-up
  • Stock valuation, inventory in one click
  • Supplier management
  • Automated replenishment orders
  • Receipt and control of deliveries
  • Receipt and control of invoices

Photos & Documents

Set up and centralise all the photos taken on site and the documents in order to know your assets perfectly and record the activity of your services.

  • Automatic construction of equipment and site photo libraries
  • Attachments of documents to sites, clients, equipment, as well as to work orders, quotes, invoices and contracts

Mobile application

Access to Yuman from your mobile device, integrate it with your favourite apps. Equip your mobile technicians with the most complete maintenance application on the market.

  • Notification of interventions
  • Integrated GPS guidance via Waze
  • START / STOP function
  • Access to site information and the digital maintenance logbook for facilities and equipment 
  • Consultation of attachments (plans, notices and other types of documents)
  • Recording of preventive and curative intervention reports
  • Voice input
  • Adding photos and capturing the signature
  • Access to forms
  • Access to the article database and entry of spare parts in the intervention report
  • Order for supply of articles
  • Creation of an intervention from the smartphone -> follow-up intervention with part order
  • Automatic timesheet recording

Intervention report

Remind your customers of their upcoming appointments by email or SMS. Automatically inform them of the care and the smooth running of the intervention. 

  • Automatic generation of the intervention report
  • Time spent, photos, technical commentary, articles used, signature
  • Personalisation of the data to be displayed
  • Choice of photos with captions and comments
  • Sending by email in PDF format


Invoice immediately, automate recurring administrative tasks, eliminate the burden of repetitive administrative tasks

  • Automatic invoicing of contracts
  • Management of indexes and revaluation formulas
  • Direct invoicing of interventions
  • Ability to invoice from the mobile
  • Creation of credit notes
  • Automatic exports to accounting software
  • Recording of payments with direct connection to bank accounts 

Quotes & Works

Create your quotes quickly, send them by email, be notified by the recipient when they are opened, centralise the monitoring of the works...

  • Very fast creation in wysiswyg mode
  • Creation from pre-recorded quote templates
  • Creation from pre-recorded items
  • Generation and follow-up of work orders
  • Generation of material and parts orders
  • Work planning and operational monitoring of worksites
  • Monitoring profitability and margins
  • Follow-up of invoicing by work situation

KPI & Statistics

Forget spreadsheets and view your data directly in interactive reports and dashboards. Each KPI is displayed globally / by team / by technician / by customer / by site and, for a selected period of time

  • Number of interventions
  • Total time in intervention
  • Preventive maintenance coverage
  • Preventive / curative ratio
  • Time on the road
  • Mean Time Between Failures (MTBF)
  • Mean Time To Repair (MTTR)
  • Mean Time To Failure (MTTF) 
  • Time to issue the work order
  • Time required to execute the work order
  • Total time of arrival in front of the equipment
  • Travel time
  • Diagnosis time
  • Repair time "on site"

Activity Reports

Eliminate the time it takes to build client reports. With Yuman, you can create and transmit periodic activity reports in the blink of an eye.

  • Customisable activity reports with graphs
  • Per client, per period
  • Time spent in intervention, preventive / curative ratio
  • Detail of the interventions carried out
  • Direct sending by email in PDF

Meters & Consumption

Monitor the consumption of buildings and/or equipment. Make savings in energy and emissions.

  • Monitoring of indexes and consumption of all types of sizes: water, gas, electricity, etc.
  • Pulse counting
  • Temperature monitoring
  • Monitoring of consumption deltas


Finish off the paper for good. Digitalise all your forms. Use templates, duplicate, pre-fill. With Yuman you no longer have to suffer from tedious working hours. 

  • Creation of form templates 
  • Attachment of the model to the intervention, equipment or site
  • Template publication (active / inactive)
  • Entering forms in mobility 
  • Signature capture
  • Automatic report generation
  • Notification and direct sending of the report to the client
  • The forms are fully configurable
  • Unlimited number of templates

Client Portal

Communicate directly with your requesting clients. Guarantee them the best possible quality of service while reducing your workload.

  • Publication of information to the client
  • Access to the assets database: sites and facilities
  • Map of interventions
  • Real-time monitoring of curative and preventive interventions
  • Access to the electronic maintenance logbook of the facilities
  • Visualisation of the details of the intervention and related photos
  • Sharing/consultation of documents related to the site


Adapt Yuman to your own way of working in just a few moments... and not the other way around...

  • Custom fields on clients, sites, equipment, contacts, work orders and article database.
  • Management of internal and external user accounts
  • Security management: administration of access rights to data and functionalities by user
  • Import of all objects from the database in csv format
  • Export of all database objects in csv format
  • Yuman is modular: you are not burdened with features you don't use
  • Multilingual: FR, NL, EN, ES
  • Multi-currency


By the way, our ambition is to offer an unparalleled user experience. Check it out right away: try CMMS for free. Within 2 minutes, the time it takes to create your account, you'll discover what's newest in this category of software.

You can also benefit from a demonstration led by one of our consultants: book a videoconference

Good discovery and see you soon !

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