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Efficiency needs of technical maintenance in companies: how to create a CMMS software?

Efficiency needs of technical maintenance in companies: how to create a CMMS software?

Thursday 24 march 2022

In the era of digitalization of companies, the installation of a computer-assisted maintenance management software is an important step. It allows the improvement of the organization of your company's services. Tracking information, managing stocks, managing the technical maintenance of equipment, CMMS has many advantages.

How to set up a CMMS? How to create a CMMS software? An overview of a revolutionary computer solution.

Why create a CMMS software for the maintenance of company services?

The implementation of a CMMS software within your company's departments has significant advantages. CMMS is an excellent planning and organization tool dedicated to the maintenance of the various departments in your business:

  • traceability of all interventions
  • time saving in terms of organization and efficiency
  • easier communication between departments
  • sharing of technical knowledge
  • long-term analysis of activity and productivity
  • a controlled activity with KPI indicators giving the preventive and corrective actions to be implemented
  • precise cost optimization and control

Creating a CMMS software: the importance of specifications

Before creating a CMMS software, certain criteria must be taken into account, including the establishment of specifications.

What are the specifications for the creation of a CMMS software?

The specifications are characterized by a document defining very precisely all the functionalities required for your CMMS project. You need to determine the right functionalities to guarantee a future optimization of all your production processes. The specifications will meet the needs of potential users. What should be the content of a specification?

How to create a CMMS software: ask yourself the right questions

To create and implement a maintenance management tool, ask yourself the following questions:

  • Who needs CMMS software and for what expected result?
  • What features will be useful?
  • Analyze with the teams the needs of future users
  • Establish a rigorous drafting of the specifications.
  • Exchange with other CMMS software users
  • Consider training on CMMS for all potential users

How to create a CMMS software ? The use of the Excel software tool

How to create a CMMS software ? The Excel computer tool can answer your request. Generally speaking, users have a good command of this tool. Numerous tutorials are available to deepen your knowledge.

How to create a CMMS software ? The different functionalities of Excel

It is possible to use Excel to set up a management of the maintenance of your services and equipments in company. Various functionalities exist:

  • the planning of the interventions of each technician
  • the creation of lists of equipment and operators
  • the creation of dashboards including information and data
  • cross-referencing of all data and information

How to create a CMMS software? The limited performance of the Excel tool

If Excel can replace an efficient CMMS solution, this tool quickly shows its limits:

  • The use of this tool remains time consuming: no action is automatic leading to a loss of productivity
  • The traceability of the data on the interventions carried out on the equipment remains less reliable
  • The manual entry of information and data increases the risk of errors
  • This computer tool is not adapted to the management of team movements in the field

The use of a real computer-assisted maintenance management software seems essential for an optimal control of operations.

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