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Friday 12 july 2019
A mobile CMMS, or nothing !

Key-need when implementing a Computerized Maintenance Management System [CMMS], mobility is for companies the main lever which will insure them a huge progress in productivity.

Relying on state-of-the-art technologies, the latest generation...

Tuesday 25 june 2019

Latest news
🛠️ Possibility of associating one or more equipment with the curative work order
📖 Attaching instructions, operating procedures, etc. to equipment
⚙️ New and even easier preferences page
😃 And … great customer reviews about Yuman! Join them!

Wednesday 05 june 2019
The benefits of a successful preventive maintenance

Property maintenance and industrial maintenance technicians divide their time between two types of interventions: curative and preventive. Preventive maintenance cannot be limited to maintenance based on regulatory requirements and must be considered a full-blown...

Tuesday 04 june 2019

Latest news
📲 Notify your customers by SMS
📝 Customize as you wish your clients, sites, equipment, contacts
🔔 Get instant notifications from your technicians and customers
📎 Attach documents to a piece of equipment
📂 Manage perfectly the trustees, collective ownership, occupants
🗓️ Indicate leaves and absences in the schedule
🇪🇸 And now ... Yuman in Spanish too!

Tuesday 07 may 2019
The Yuman maintenance glossary

Each profession has its own specific lexicographical field and the maintenance service sector is no exception. As an expert in the field, Yuman offers you a short vocabulary reminder here.

Identify the different categories of...

Monday 29 april 2019

Latest news
Calendar 🗓 with or without weekend extension
Traceability of email sending for quotes and invoices ✉️
New login box 🔐
Automatic numbering for customers and sites 🏢

Wednesday 24 april 2019
Respond to growing customer expectations with Yuman

The level of customer expectation is becoming higher and is today one of the strongest trends in the world of maintenance and services. The new requirements now make it necessary to provide high-quality services and to associate them with continuous communication...

Tuesday 02 april 2019
Why it is so important to outsource your CMMS?

Nowadays maintenance providers are facing a lot of challenges, one of the major problems is to succeed in the digital transformation process in a successful way. It is now fully accepted that software, that fits well to the specific needs, drastically...

Friday 22 march 2019
The digitalization of maintenance interventions

Accelerating and successfully transitioning to digital technology has become the number one priority for most companies, and the property maintenance sector is no exception to the rule. This is the case for maintenance service providers, such as heating...

Monday 11 march 2019
Understanding Computer Assisted Maintenance Management

The idea of ​​the CMMS was born in the 1980s, the first goal was to optimize the working time of the teams by grouping the data in one and the same software. For maintenance providers, this means the computerization of the intervention vouchers, with the...



No longer waste time! Adopt the best planning software

Yuman is simple!

Our approach is based on the implementation of functions that maximize value for our customers, by addressing their core business and removing unnecessary and costly redundancies.

To help organise technicians' schedules, Yuman offers you a shared calendar with daily and weekly views, accessible on desktops and mobile devices.

You can immediately see who is available and assign them a task with a simple drag and drop. The duration of intervention is automatically calculated according to the nature of the work required and can easily be updated.

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Fig. 1
Planning view

When a workorder is created, whether it is curative, preventive or an installation, the travel time from the previous site to the destination is automatically calculated in Maps and Traffic.

This information is shared and updated in real time, ensuring fast and optimal planning. Thanks to a combination of scheduling and mapping, technical teams and their managers remain constantly connected

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Fig. 2
Day of a technician

You know where your technicians are and when they arrive on site.

Throughout the day, you can follow the progress of scheduled interventions: what has been done and what remains to be done. You avoid traffic jams and reduce the time spent on the road by your technicians: traffic conditions are available both on the desktop map and on the technician's mobile phone GPS.

Each maintenance technician has access, on the go and throughout the day, to a powerful tool, constantly updated, that allows him to save a considerable amount of time. Constant access to the updated list of workorders. Button to launch Waze route to the next site.

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