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Role of an industrial maintenance software: the main objectives

Role of an industrial maintenance software: the main objectives

Thursday 17 march 2022

Are you thinking about implementing industrial maintenance software? The main objective of a CMMS tool is to improve the performance of companies in the industrial sector. In this article, we explain the role of an industrial maintenance software by breaking it down into three main functionalities. Reduce manufacturing costs, optimize the management of maintenance teams and external interventions, secure and rationalize purchases and investments, we tell you everything.

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Role of an industrial maintenance software: a major objective, the performance

The maintenance department of a company aims to keep all the equipment and installations in good working order. The job is to ensure the continuity of operations in the best conditions. For the industry, the role of CMMS is above all to improve the performance of each site.

Performance criteria for companies in the industrial sector

In any plant, performance is measured first and foremost by the customer service rate. This is especially true in the case of order-driven flows. Customers delivered on time and with products that meet the agreed specifications are clearly essential for economic profitability. Out-of-stock goods, complaints and product returns are always a loss of profit.

The other aspect of industrial profitability is the production costs. Poorly maintained machines that break down or do not meet the performance levels announced by the manufacturers result in additional financial costs.

Using CMMS to optimize industrial equipment maintenance

The maintenance manager is the technical guarantor of the good working order of the production tool and of each piece of equipment, with the right rates and without untimely stoppages. Thanks to its functionalities, a CMMS software contributes to the management of the curative and preventive maintenance of each site and workshop.

Participate in the reduction of manufacturing costs for industrial companies

With a CMMS software, the maintenance manager in an industrial company has a tool to follow each installation as well as the whole machine park. Let's see how this type of IT solution contributes to reducing costs.

Avoiding breakdowns and machine stoppages in the industrial sector

The role of an industrial maintenance software consists first of all in monitoring each equipment individually. This computer tool allows to program a preventive intervention plan according to the instructions of the supplier of each machine. It records all the intervention data. It tracks downtime, breakdowns and machine hours. With sensors that detect alert thresholds, this software provides comfort to optimize interventions and avoid breakdowns.

Optimize equipment performance by monitoring technical indicators

Thanks to historical data for all industrial equipment in a plant or workshop, the maintenance manager has dashboards and indicators. CMMS software allows you to quickly visualize if the machine is malfunctioning in relation to the defined standards. Are the cost prices in the company's ERP system based on a higher line rate than the reality? Then the actual margins may be below the standard cost estimates. Maintenance can be the cause. CMMS provides answers for analysis and the search for solutions.

Improve the management of the maintenance team and service providers

The optimization of interventions and the management of the maintenance team's schedule also contribute to the performance of an industrial site. This is also the case for suppliers and service providers, both for corrective and preventive maintenance.

Optimize the planning of each technician's interventions

When the technician is late in troubleshooting, the machine does not start up again. Employees are also at a standstill and production is disorganized. The use of a CMMS contributes to optimize the management of the maintenance team in the plant. You can quickly visualize the assignments of each technician. You manage on-call duty, absences and vacations.

Improve the follow-up of external interventions and supplier contracts

For your suppliers who intervene on an ad hoc basis, the CMMS tool provides the same organizational functionality. The role of industrial maintenance software is to monitor each contract and to plan supplier interventions. It provides access to reports. It helps to analyze costs.

Secure purchases and rationalize investments in an industrial company

Another role of an industrial maintenance software is to manage the purchase of parts and consumables as accurately as possible. It also provides useful information for investment decisions.

Manage inventory and parts replenishment more closely with maintenance software

To achieve optimal plant performance, avoid stock-outs at all costs. With computer-aided maintenance management solutions, spare parts tracking and replenishment becomes a breeze. Users of the software make stock removals directly on their cell phone or tablet. They assign them to a plant area or a specific machine. The status of available parts is constantly updated.

Using CMMS, you have the right information to manage industrial investments

Moreover, investment decisions, especially when it comes to renewing industrial equipment, are made more rationally. CMMS provides a set of historical data to determine whether it is time, for example, to replace equipment that is becoming prohibitively expensive to maintain.

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