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Industrial maintenance software: everything you need to know before getting started

Industrial maintenance software: everything you need to know before getting started

Thursday 17 march 2022

Using industrial maintenance software is a must for the performance of maintenance in industrial environments. At, we are experts in CMMS, that is to say Computerized Maintenance Management. From customizing the solution to your own needs, to the deployment of the tool within your teams, we are with you every step of the way.

In this article, we will see how a CMMS in industry is essential for the management of your plant or your organization, what are the advantages of these softwares, how to choose the application that suits you

What is an industrial maintenance software ?

To understand what a CMMS software specialized for industry is used for, you just have to analyze the needs in terms of maintenance of production sites as well as data reporting.

The maintenance needs of the industrial sector

Industrial sites have multiple machines and manufacturing equipment. Keeping them running smoothly and at the lowest possible cost is essential for production and customer service, especially in a just-in-time supply chain organization. Untimely stoppages and breakdowns are detrimental to the service rate as well as to the cost price.

In addition, maintenance technicians and service providers must plan their interventions, especially preventive ones, according to manufacturing constraints. Finally, efficient management also means calculating the cost of industrial maintenance and therefore having tools at one's disposal.

Definition of computer-aided maintenance management (CMMS) for industry

The CMMS consists in answering all these organizational needs of the maintenance activity. It is a software mainly used by the team manager and his technicians. Let's not forget the management control and even the accounting. This type of computer application often hosted on the Cloud is generally available in embedded form, therefore on mobile or tablet.

Equipped with a shower system, it allows to scan the references of the spare parts in stock. It has multiple functionalities. For example, it can be used to plan interventions, monitor assets, manage contracts and stocks, and report data.

Why implement a CMMS in your industrial company?

The use of an industrial maintenance software has many advantages for companies. In the service of performance, a CMMS tool offers real prospects for improving maintenance services and optimizing its costs.

Optimization of maintenance costs and advantages for maintenance monitoring thanks to CMMS

With a CMMS software, you centralize all the information which facilitates the exploitation of the data and the calculation of the costs:

  • intervention time of internal teams and service providers on each industrial equipment 
  • cost of spare parts assigned to each asset on the site 
  • cost of consumables, oils and lubricants 
  • cost of preventive maintenance and regulatory controls 
  • cost of corrective maintenance per machine 
  • monitoring of breakdowns and stoppages of production lines 
  • etc.

Help in planning the interventions of technicians or service providers

Industrial maintenance software includes a section for planning the work of both internal and external technicians. Instead of using an Excel spreadsheet, you can access the organization of corrective or preventive interventions on the CMMS software. The system manages all equipment, machines and production lines in detail. You optimize the follow-up of on-call duty, absences and vacations of the maintenance team. You visualize the services of external contributors according to the contractual conditions. This is also the case for punctual services for curative work.

Control and monitoring of equipment and installations in an industrial company

The role of an industrial maintenance software is also to monitor the status of your assets station by station, machine by machine. The parameterization of each equipment in the computer system makes it possible to have its technical characteristics as well as the requirements of revision and periodic controls. You can therefore constantly monitor the proper functioning of the equipment, compliance with preventive maintenance, the number of machine hours, the breakdown rate, etc. It is also an aid for investment decisions regarding the renewal of machines.

How to choose an industrial maintenance software for your activity?

Which CMMS software version should you choose? What solutions are best suited to your industrial maintenance tracking needs? At, we recommend that you take a step-by-step approach.

Analyze the needs of maintenance management in the company

The first step in choosing an industrial maintenance software is to establish your specifications. This means putting your future needs on paper using an "as is to be" method. The objective is not to reproduce with the software exactly what you do by hand or on a spreadsheet. Ask the maintenance teams and management control. How will they work tomorrow? Implementing a CMMS is a real opportunity for performance, but also for the organization.

Analyze the functionalities and ergonomics of the industrial maintenance software

Are you wondering how to choose an industrial maintenance software? Here are a few criteria to examine when analyzing CMMS software tools:

  • Is the CMMS ergonomic and easy to use by technical teams?
  • Is the application offered in the cloud and in SaaS mode?
  • Can the software be used on a cell phone or tablet, or even offline in the plant?
  • Is an interface with the general and analytical accounting possible?
  • Is it a multi-company, multi-site and multi-user version?

Regarding the functionalities, make sure of the following points in particular:

  • Is it possible to manage stocks and spare parts purchases, from the order to invoice control?
  • Does the tool have network mapping and shop floor plan management?
  • How does the system identify all assets and provide an inventory function?
  • How are the dashboards and KPIs set up?
  • How do you ensure data traceability?
  • Does the CMMS tool include workflows?
  • How to organize the planning of interventions of teams or suppliers?

At, our CMMS software for industry addresses the major features required by our customers. Our tools are easy to use for field teams. They provide a solution for both management and controllers in terms of reliable indicators and available in real time.

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