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Discover the benefits of CMMS for successful technical maintenance in companies

Discover the benefits of CMMS for successful technical maintenance in companies

Monday 21 march 2022

Do you manage a company, especially in the industrial sector? Do you want to increase the efficiency and profitability of your production supply chain? Do you want to find out how the functionalities of a CMMS will help you achieve these objectives? Who benefits from the implementation of a CMMS within the company? What is the benefit of CMMS? What is CMMS or Computerized Maintenance Management System?

All the answers in this article and on our blog. So don't delay and discover why it is essential to always think about the  advantages of CMMS for your daily activity.

Computer-aided maintenance management: definitionn 

 In the context of a company's activity in the industry sector, for example, CMMS is characterized by a digital computer solution. Thanks to the use of a specific software, this solution allows to increase the performance and the profitability of the company. How can it do this? By facilitating the management of the technical maintenance of all the machines dedicated to production.

Discover the different functionalities of a CMMS for your company

The functionalities of a computer-aided maintenance management software are diverse. They are used as much by the managers of production operations as by the teams of technicians carrying out interventions in the field.

Interest of CMMS: an improvement of the planning of interventions

Curative, preventive, corrective or improvement management, the use of a CMMS software allows a good organization of the interventions planning. The missions will be assigned to technicians with the expected skills on the targeted equipment. Thanks to a digital mapping system, each technician receives the configuration of his route for a given mission. This results in productivity gains and a reduction in wasted time.

Advantages of CMMS: optimal management of stocks and production assets

The interest of installing a CMMS also lies in the precise analysis and management of spare parts inventories at any given time. The CMMS therefore allows just-in-time management of spare parts purchases. Through dashboards and statistics, CMMS contributes to a general analysis of the company's production activity.

Benefits of CMMS: improved management of machine maintenance information

The CMMS is a tool capable of providing all the important data to managers related to the state of the machines. The latter are able to make the right decisions at the right time. This leads to the optimization of maintenance costs.

The management of this information allows :

  • a sharing of technical knowledge on the use of the machines
  • exchange of spare parts between different departments or even different companies
  • an exchange with suppliers on the operation of the machines in order to increase their lifespan

Who benefits from the implementation of a CMMS within the company?

The use of CMMS for equipment in companies benefits all employees:

  • Technicians: as close as possible to the equipment, they are able to alert on a malfunction of a production tool.
  • The technical services teams.
  • Purchasing department teams: they manage spare parts stocks and the possible purchase of new machines.
  • The company's logistics department teams: they participate in the reception and storage of goods.

What is the interest of CMMS for a company? Summary of the use of this type of software

Managing the schedules of the teams of technicians, managing costs and budget, monitoring the performance of the activity thanks to specific indicators: the interest of implementing a CMMS software is great.

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