How to customize work orders?

To optimise the management of maintenance interventions, the Yuman account administrator can add fields to the curative and preventive intervention orders. To do this, go to Settings > Custom fields.

This allows you to perfectly adapt your intervention sheets to your own needs in terms of information to be transmitted to technicians and information to be collected in the field, without having to follow an imposed template.

The number of custom fields is unlimited. You can choose whether or not to have them appear on the PDF of the intervention report sent to customers as well as on the invoice.

The steps to follow:

1. Add a field
2. Name the new field
3. Define the direction of information exchange
4. Type the field
5. Specify values if necessary (list of options and check boxes)
6. Specify its display on documents sent to clients
7. For option lists specify whether the field should appear in the filter
8. Save


👉 Direction of information exchange

This attribute allows you to specify the direction in which the information is transmitted.

4 possibilities are offered to you:

• In both directions
• Technician -> Manager: collection field from the field such as measurements, specific remarks
• Manager -> Technician: field visible as soon as the intervention form is entered.
• Only Managers

In the latter case, the technicians will never see this information on their mobile.

👉 Field type

The list of available custom field types is :

1. Text
2. Check box
3. Date
4. Whole number
5. Decimal number
6. List of options
7. List of checkboxes

For option lists enter the settings on different lines in the field provided. Once you have created this new field, you must define whether or not you want to use it as search criteria in the task list selector.


In the above list the fields "incident priority" and "private observations" have been added.

Similarly, it is possible to customize customers, sites, contacts and equipment.