What are the statuses of the interventions?

With Yuman, planning and managing maintenance interventions has never been easier. In order to identify your interventions at a glance, we have chosen statuses that are very simple to understand and to share with everyone, technicians in the field, managers and even, if you so choose, customers who have requested them via the customer portal.

The statuses present in the software are :

• Open: The task is not yet planned or assigned.

This is the default status for preventive maintenance tasks generated from maintenance plans. The week display allows you to keep a line at the top of the schedule for all open interventions, as a reminder. You can also retrieve them by filtering only open tasks from the maintenance plan, the mapping, or the task list.

• Scheduled: The task has been assigned to a technician. It is integrated into his schedule and he accesses it directly from his mobile application.

• In progress: The technician is on site and has pressed the START button on the mobile phone he is equipped with. Pressing Start also triggers the calculation of the time to be used for billing.

• Closed: The technician has completed the intervention by clicking on STOP from his mobile application. You can access his intervention report, photos, parts used, etc. The customer can also be notified directly due to the end of the processing of his request.

• Invoiced: The invoice was issued based on the elements collected in the field: time, travel, parts and consumables used. No re-entry, just validate and send by email to the customer. A search function in the list gives you a list of tasks to be billed. No service is forgotten anymore.

With these 5 statuses, managers, field technicians and customers have a real-time overview of the progress of interventions, allowing them to effectively improve management and planning. Possible emergencies can be more easily managed. Contracts perfectly honored. The work of the maintenance technicians is more efficient and the services rendered to the customers gain in speed and quality.

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