Sending the invoice to the client

Yuman's maintenance management software allows you, thanks to the "Billing" module, to invoice the interventions carried out by your company, whether it be emergency repairs, maintenance or interventions under contract, and to send them to the customer directly from the application.

Once the invoice has been created, via the list of interventions or via the list of contracts, go to the "Invoices > Invoice list" tab of the software. You then access the list of invoices with different statuses: in preparation, generated, paid. The filters allow you to search for an invoice by status, by customer or by date.

You can click on the "Email" button in order to send the pro-forma or final invoice to the customer, without having to leave the software. Feel free to customize the text of the emails sent to customers, from the CMMS preferences.

The invoice is sent in PDF format, accompanied by your General Terms and Conditions of Sale and possibly the intervention report in PDF format including the date of the intervention, the description of the service, the photos, etc.

You will then be able to see from the list of generated invoices which have been correctly delivered and opened or not. You can thus easily optimise the management of invoicing within your company.